01 July 2010

Our neighbor, the queen

the queen of england (and her husband, prince philip) came to tour canada, in particular, her visit involved 2 nights and 3-ish days in halifax.

the queen apparently hadnt been to halifax in 16 years, and she chose 3 days while we lived here to come visit. our good luck eh? even better...she stayed at the government house in downtown halifax...literally 4 doors down from us. the night before her arrival they had barricades and police on duty. the excitement was in the air.

her trip started off with the local weather staple...rain, which scared away many potential well-wishers. so, her arrival at the government house for that day was very uncrowded, which was perfect for us. we bounced down our front steps 5 minutes before and got a front row spot across from where her motorcade pulled up and she got out. X was able to be only a few feet from the queen of england when she waved to the crowd. very cool.

(the view toward the queens house from our front stoop; the snipers for the queens arrival)

(the queen and prince philip; X isnt super impressed)

day 2 came and X was ready for one of her walks/naps at around the time the queen was heading out for the day. so, we crossed the street to check things out again. this time the motorcade and security detail were different (not surprised) and the queen got in to the car at the front door of the building, so she was much further away, but i could still see that she was wearing a white suit and a black and white hat for the day. she was heading out to tour the naval ships celebrating the centennial of canadas navy.

(naval ships in halifax harbor; X is bored)

and, on her final morning, X and i were able to see the queen leave. scads of people were in front of the house to see her off this time. her final photo opp was to plant a tree on the government house lawn and then be sent on her way with a row of bagpipers piping. again the queen was a bit too far away for pictures (plus, shes way short!), but i was able to catch a glimpse of her green suit and hat though. thank goodness.

such a unique thing to be around town for. i was never really enamored with royal family stuff, but it was definitely something special to watch her come and go each day.

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you are starting to say "eh" a lot. I'm not sure how I feel about this...