10 May 2010

Mothers day premiere

if at first you dont succeed, try, try again. and i hope next mothers day we can do just that.

starting my mothers day off with a bang, X spent the hours of midnight-3a fussing and crying and refusing to sleep. we were all barely able to recover before she began another 3 hour stint from about 10a-1p. we were exhausted, grumpy, frustrated and looking for answers.

at christmas time, when we were home visiting, a friend handed off a book of hers she had been given when her baby was little. its called "secrets of the baby whisperer: how to calm, connect, and communicate with your baby" by tracy hogg. i had tried to leaf through it while pregnant, but its really not useful to do until your particular baby arrives. and now was the time we needed it, a jumping off point to seeking help to make things better/easier. we needed sleep to provide safe and reliable care to X.

basically, we found a few tips and ideas that were helpful. we had been, unknowingly, doing "kangaroo care" parenting and it was just a bit too demanding for us. we needed a little bit of a break, some alone time, and some free hands! of course, not everything in the book is something i will ascribe to, but those pieces of advice that were more intuitive were the easy ones to get on board with. so we tried a few things...and got an afternoon and evening of near deafening quiet. in other words, i received the gift of rest and partial sanity restoration for mothers day. which i guess is a pretty decent thing to have gotten.

i also couldnt stand my long hair anymore (it was always dangling in Xs face. plus it took extra time to shampoo and rinse and dry), so i gave myself a chop job. thinking back, it was probably brought on by a moment of britney spears-like insanity (minus the buzz cut). but i wanted the hair gone and i dont see a successful trip to the hair salon occurring anytime soon. and truthfully, my hair doesnt look too bad, if i do say so myself.

so, we didnt end up going anywhere or doing anything for mothers day, but we were able to get ourselves on a better path, which was much more important in the long run. i'll lobby for a brunch and matching mother/daughter outfits next year...

(i leave you with a pic of diane keaton with daughter dexter, 13)


Trav said...

not going to lie, the idea of matching mother-daughter outfits makes me hysterical with laughter... i am now going to purchase these for you two. good luck *smile*

Sarah said...

post a pic of the hair!!!

amw said...

meh. i just cut it "straight" around the bottom. length went from a bit below the shoulders to a bit below my chin. i can post a pic when i get one. :) mostly it will be amusing for the next real stylist who cuts my hair. they are going to think i was recently let out of a mental asylum.