19 May 2010

Meet the [grand]parents

daves parents drove out to meet their first grandbaby and we welcomed our first visitors post-X.

lucky X was able to absorb about 6 days with her grandma and grandpa whipp, and we were very thankful that they were able to make the trip. since she was only three weeks old, the visit didnt consist of much activity but we were able to have a nice time and share some of the good food we had found over the winter.

on thursday afternoon they arrived and we took X to their hotel and grandma got to hold her. :) we opened the many baby gifts they had driven out (thanks all!) and we had a carry-out dinner from the persian place, shiraz.

on friday we got lunch from cafe aroma latino and afterward, while X and i napped, dave and his parents went out to lawrencetown beach, fishermens cove, and they rode the ferry from woodside back to halifax. dinner was back in the hotel room with carry-out from caribbean twist. we walked X over in daves sling where she slept for an unprecedented 2.5 hours!

(never seen lawrencetown beach in the sun; the surf shop down the road from the beach)

on saturday, X rode with dave in the sling to the halifax market with the grandparents (i caught some extra zzzs). then we enjoyed a sandwich lunch at the apartment. afterward, we went our separate ways as the grandparents were going to enjoy some dinner theater that night. while they were gone, we experimented with a trial ride in the car with X. oddly enough, she hadnt been in the car since the day we brought her home from the hospital, so we had no idea if she would shriek or sleep. during our short errand-running trip we found that she can indeed sleep in the car and is pretty easy to then transfer into the sling while we are in the store(s).

on sunday, we all drove out to trellis cafe and ate lunch. this was our biggest excursion since Xs arrival and she was great. she was lulled to sleep on the ride over and then slept the whole time we were at the restaurant in my arms (big sigh of relief). dinner that night was low-key and made at our apartment by dave.

now, this was supposed to be the end of the visit, but the whipps car had other ideas. on monday they set out to head back and broke down about an hour from halifax. the transmission needed a part that would take a couple of days to get. this unpleasant situation turned into two more days with grandma and grandpa for X, so she didnt suffer from the breakdown. :) for more pictures and stories about the visit you can also view mary anns blog.

(in their room at the waverley inn)

side note: her three week growth spurt started on day two of the visit. this included maniacal feedings of a very hungry baby which were usually the most demanding in the late evening into the night. kinda hard to entertain while you are a zombie, so luckily i was able to skip some things and grab naps.

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Mary Ann said...

I guess it's true. There is such a thing as karma. Or else why would a brand new car break down so that I could spend a few more days with such a beautiful baby? I must have done something right.