14 May 2010

I can put a ring on it

our 5 year wedding anniversary.

i'll make this short. due to X and a visit from the grandparents, we didnt get out to celebrate our anniversary this year...which i was totally prepared for. we get to spend much more time together than the average couple though (willingly, and we enjoy it) so i cant complain. my triumph related to this topic was that my wedding ring was finally able to be jammed back on my hand. after sitting sad and lonely on the nightstand for a few months (cant remember when it had to come off during pregnancy) i was able to coax it past my ring finger knuckle. and now it sits...stuck on. which is a good place for it to be. :) happy 5 years dave and MANY, MANY more.

as for the gift...this anniversary is the wood anniversary. and in my traditional method of stretching the boundaries of the idea of the stupid things on those anniversary gift lists, i offer up the belief that our gift to each other this year was the expansion of our family tree (trees being made of wood...). it took a long time for the gift to arrive, and its going to take even longer for the tree to bear harvestable fruit, but its also billed as the type of gift that keeps on giving...right?

(wow. look at us wearing fancy clothes and exhibiting proper hygiene. groomed hair, fresh looking faces, do i see nail polish on me?, and i dont see an ounce of baby spit-up)

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Trav said...

i like the hot air label. nice... very classy!