16 April 2010

Wallet woes

what could be more exciting then dealing with a stolen wallet a couple weeks before having a baby?

i was in at work for approximately 3 hours yesterday, during which time a shady character stole my wallet. this is the only current explanation i have. i had the wallet when i went to work and when i got home it was not in my purse. my office is approximately 12 inches from the door to my bosses office. these were the only two places i went while i was at work. i did go to the bathroom a couple times and there was also the trip up to the admin office for cake. this is where i think i met my demise.

i was told there was cake upstairs. uh...gotta have some of that. my boss was in her office so i left my door open. i got to the stairwell and saw this "unusual person" had just come off the stairs and paused at our floor. he looked a little uncomfortable and seemed to be contemplating something. i almost asked him if he needed anything. but there was cake on the line. i spent about 5 minutes in the process of getting cake and getting back down the stairs and when i reached our floor i saw the same "confused" man re-entering our stairwell from our floor and heading further downstairs. i had never seen him before and (not to totally judge someone by their clothes and body language) he didnt really seem to belong among these research floors.

cut to me back at home discovering my wallet is missing. i did assume i simply lost it, at first. i hunted around the apartment, tried to retrace my steps mentally but it just didnt seem to add up that i lost it. and at work, my purse sits in one spot. its not like i move it around and it falls over and things walk out of it. i was also aware that ive had "pregnancy brain" issues before. just a couple. not many. and none in a while. so, i waited to deal with the "stolen wallet" scenario reality until today.

checked back at work. nope its not there. i think i have to actively assume its stolen, or at the very least, really lost. i called 3 different security desks to check if any wallets were turned in, or if there were any reports of theft. nothing, except fairly incompetent workers staffing the phones. then i was forced to turn to the police and file a good ol' police report. no wallets had been turned in and no reports of theft in my building, so he took down all the info for my police report. this guy couldnt seem to figure technology out and didnt seem to ask all the necessary questions, but whatever. this part is over at least. now i have the huge hassle of canceling and replacing all of the items in my wallet. in the end this amounted to:

- 3 credit cards
- 2 debit cards
- a drivers license
- a health card
- a hospital card
- a library card (apparently its a thing around here that people who steal wallets will use library cards to check out movies and then sell them. thus making you pay for it, in the end.)

i only had the energy and patience to report 2 credit cards, the debit cards, and my library card as missing before i gave up on talking to incompetent/annoying people for the day. more will have to be done next week. fun. thankfully, in the 24 hours after the wallet was gone no charges were put on any of my cards. so i guess the person was after quick cash...of which my wallet produced perhaps $3 in coins. congratulations. and then he probably dumped it in a nearby trash can. ass hole. if your robbery session was performed to collect drug money, let me just say that i wish you the worst possible kind of trip. in my pre-pregnancy days i would have wished you more harm, but under the circumstances it seems hypocritical to wish you death. although a good maiming might be in order, i cant really endorse that either. im confident though that karma will square you up at some point...

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Trav said...

buddy, that sucks! i think he's going to be SLAMMED with karma for doing this to you!