04 April 2010

Oldies and goodies with oldies but goodies

another fabulous day with friends. and better weather!

a gorgeous day commenced with dave taking amy and tony to the halifax farmers market. the place is way too crowded and hot for me on a regular day, and now its pretty much impossible, so i stayed home while they explored. when they came back, we stashed the goodies for our future easter lunch and jumped in the car for a trip to lunenburg.

that drive is always longer than i expect, but once we finally arrived and had the sunshine, temperatures in the upper 60s, and a cute town to share i was re-energized. since we typically choose the "salt shaker deli" for lunch we were motivated to try something else. we decided on the "tin fish," a restaurant attached to the lunenburg arms inn. this brightly colored restaurant had plenty of windows and a small but varied menu that was perfect for us.

(the restaurant sign; the gang at lunch)

we had a corner of the place to ourselves as we enjoyed our lunch. i ordered the daily special of poached haddock with citrus salsa and bacon, sweet potato, and corn chowder. the soup was great but the fish was "meh." dave had the spinach, goat cheese, and portobello salad with the daily special "pizza soup" because he couldnt help himself. his food was tasty, if a little unusual. amy ordered a salad and the seafood chowder. always a good choice. and tony, our wheat-free/dairy-free allergy guy, ordered the steak salad. :)

after food we walked around this little postcard of a town. the waterfront area was great in the sunshine. the brightly colored town buildings up on the steep hilly streets beamed their colors down like a rainbow. we milled around for a bit just doing nothing and of course popped in to a gift shop before we hit the road.

(amy on the docks in lunenburg; lunenburg as seen from the docks; cool, old church in lunenburg)

our next destination was nearby mahone bay. we took these english teacher folk to the biscuit eater cafe which is also a used book store. they have a nice back deck and a lovely sun room filled with cozy chairs, stacks of books, little plants, and lots of character. the crew ordered drinks and sweets and sat in the corner chatting. dave and i picked out the lemon bar, ginger cookie and chocolate macaroon. yum!!! and tony had a ton of wheat and dairy free options (which isnt usually the case). he was able to enjoy two chocolate and pecan cookies AND a banana chocolate cookie. and amy enjoyed her "kafka" cookie which was a chocolate and espresso shortbread. ;) anyway, we took our time with the sugar rush, knocked back the drinks, loved the atmosphere. as put by tony, "it feels like summer vacation."

(tony and amy at the biscuit eater cafe; view of the four famous churches of mahone bay)

this calm day of friends and food continued into the night. back in halifax we re-grouped for dinner. we took this opportunity to try a new place in town called "pipa." it is a brazilian/portuguese restaurant and it was fun. the place is romantic, filled with wood and candles, and has lots of little pieces of character. we sat by the window and watched the night settle in. for the taster round, the waitress brought a basket of cassava cheese bread with some fabulous (and hot!) chili sauce. at this time dave and amy were also enjoying some portuguese sangria (apparently made without juice and thus isnt as sweet) while tony tried a portuguese beer. and then our dinners arrived.

i had the mozambique (once colonized by portugal) dish of chicken piri piri. it was quite good, but i could have perhaps bumped up the spicy index a bit (nervous about heartburn of course). dave ordered the lamb shank braised with madeira and fig sauce on recommendation of the waitress. not something he would normally have gotten but the meat was cooked very nicely. amy tried the brazilian dish of "feijoada" which is a stew of smokey black beans and random pork meat served with collard greens, rice, and farofa. really good (and they give free seconds if you arent full)!! and tony tried the sirloin steak rubbed with brazilian coffee and cayenne pepper served with cassava fries. it looked like a very meat and potatoes american dish but definitely had flare. the cassava fries were good, and something different.

and even though we were full, dave and i couldnt resist the dessert menu. we split the coconut pudding (which came drizzled in caramel sauce and some prunes). it was a small sweet thing that was perfect to share. and it was great. in fact, everything on their dessert menu looked yummy, i would love to come back just for sweets sometime. :)

we all rolled ourselves back to our apartment. we had just enough energy to teach tony how to play the michigan pastime of euchre. i always feel bad for someone new learning the game with three other people who are familiar. but tony was a brave sport and actually caught on quickly. and so we wrapped up the night with another game...


Trav said...

we're celebrities! yay!

for some reason, i've been imagining you sending emails from the hospital since we left. how are you? are you sprouting? still incubating?

did you assemble the pack and play? how does it look?

amw said...

so many questions...yes pack n play is assembled. looks good. and nope, no monster yet. ;)

nlk731 said...

Amy! I love Tony's T-shirt, it cracks me up!