22 April 2010

Nessie news - 38 weeks

38 weeks. 0-4 more left. plodding, plodding, plodding along.

dr appt:
gained two pounds. blood pressure 100/64. baby heartbeat: 150 bpm. head down. dr is going to be out of town next week. she told monster to wait until may 1 to be born. we shall see how well monster listens to authority figures...

1. my belly is now shaped like a torpedo. my poor belly button is strained to its max and creates the perfect tip for a warhead.

2. my stomach has gotten smaller. my meals thus must shrink. but this doesnt mean im less hungry. it sucks.

3. nausea. i seem to be experiencing some low-grade nausea at night, just before i want to go to bed. propping with more pillows helps, but its makes me a bit sore in the morning.

4. bathing. dont want to do it anymore. the warm water makes me hot. heat expands things, including my blood vessels and my feet and legs get fat and heavy. bath...same story. sucks even more when i have to stand up and rinse off. i could turn the temperature down...but then it would be a cold shower. no thanks. but, i have found 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner to be helpful in cutting down the shower time.

5. fat fingers. they are so fat in the morning its hard to bend them sometimes. as the day goes on the circulation gets better and they feel and look better.

1. saw an article saying there is apparently going to be a baby boom in halifax this year.

2. last doula meeting before labor. we talked about post-partum stuff and breastfeeding. one interesting thing i didnt know: just one feeding of formula changes the stomach flora and introduces little fissures into the stomach lining (making way for irritations and potential future allergies to occur) that can take 2 weeks of breastfeeding to get back to "normal." then, the doula had to leave a bit early to help another woman who was in labor. the woman called and was like "i think you better come...now." oh boy.

3. our diapers arrived! dropped off by "diaper dan" himself (seriously, thats what he calls himself). friendly, chatty former navy man turned protector of childrens health. he really invests his whole heart in his business and feels proud to have never had a family using his service (10+ years running) with an asthmatic child. he engineers/sews his own diapers and is meticulous about how he washes them. good to know its not just someone who is running a business solely for money. he really stands by his work.

4. a few more thoughtful gifts arrived:

(blanket and hippo bath toy for the lovely admin ladies at work; thoughtful mommie package from lisa: a homemade baby wrap with pictorial instructions, a onesie, a lingerie bag that she found useful to contain all the baby socks, mittens, and other tiny bits in the washing machine, and a pair of safety nail scissors which she found much easier to use than baby nail clippers.)

5. since i havent had any baby dreams in forever, i'll post one from a friend. jomo. she dreamt: that i had monster, and she met him and it was a boy and i had decided to keep the name monster because "everyone was already used to it." then she saw us a while later, when monster could walk, and monster had become a girl - or i had just started dressing him in a lot of pink, she wasnt sure which. also, she thinks we were moving close to her in the dream (she lives in boston).

these all seem good to me. id love to live on the east coast (friends!). id be happy having a boy. im fine with males wearing pink. im even growing partial to the name monster. dave lengthened it to "monster m." at some point, so there is even an implied middle name there. plus, i can also see the dream possibly pointing to the likelihood of a unisex name (thus the gender confusion in the dream) which is a highly likely possibility with us weirdos as parents.

celeb news:
- actress amanda peet welcomed her second child, a girl named molly june.

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Jody said...

I'm so proud to have made the baby section of the blog. I like the interpretation. I knew it was a girl (the pink) with a gender neutral name. Maybe that means I'm right about you moving closer too!!