15 April 2010

Nessie news - 37 weeks

37 weeks. full term. 0-5 weeks until arrival.

since it would be considered totally normal for you to arrive now monster, i wanted to offer a few slogans/sayings/mantras to let you know your time under my pitched tent is coming to an end:

1. *bing* you are now free to move about the world
2. plan your exit strategy. there is no option to "stay the course."
3. olly olly oxen free
4. go forth from whence you came
5. consider this a nudge from the nest...

(these pics certainly arent getting more flattering. monster you better come soon...)

dr appt:
gained one pound. blood pressure 118/60. baby heartbeat 156 bpm. still head down. group B test results came back negative, so thats good.

1. i have been getting a couple light nose bleeds per week. usually got them before being pregnant, but havent had them in a while. but then again we used a vaporizer during the winter for sleeping and we recently stopped using it. could just all be related. although, pregnancy does tend to increase nose bleeds.

2. noticing that eating apples is giving me slight heartburn. random.

3. monster movements. my ribcage is now fair game. usually under attack in certain positions when i lay down and when i am eating my breakfast. actually had a bruised feeling on my right bottom ribs for a couple days. thanks.

4. "bump" is now so massive that i cant perform any function without finding drips of liquid on my shirts and piles of crumbs on my belly. i feel like a fat man who watches tv all day while using his gut as a table.

1. dave has become very attentive again. not that he wasnt throughout this whole "adventure," but to be in hyper-drive for 9 months would be exhausting. in the early days i think he was so excited he kept asking if i was okay. then when i felt like crap for those beginning months he was very attentive in a more focused way. then when things got better all around, we went back to a form of living as normally as possible. now that im big, slow, limited in my abilities, and could go in to labor at any time, he is always checking to see if im okay. even if im just in the next room. its very cute.

he also regularly asks about how monster is doing and what monster is up to. it is also a near daily pastime to probe around and try to figure out which position monster is sitting in. dave found this weird blog: spinning babies to try to aid in that endeavor. so, weve all been bonding i suppose, and i guess thats a good thing. :)

2. recent doula meeting. this one was about how to stay relaxed at the hospital, general relaxation/techniques, and how to vary things and bring out certain tools at different points in labor. it was also a review of the pain meds offered at the hospital and awareness about their effects, etc.

3. hospital tour. our last public health prenatal class was the hospital tour. got lots of booklets and pamphlets and then we hit the labor/delivery ward. you spend the first bit in an assessment room where they determine if you are in adequate enough labor for them to actually admit you. you can be in there for 20 minutes or a few hours. presuming you are actually in labor, you then get your own private labor/delivery room. it has a chair that folds into a bed for the support person, a CD player, a bathroom with shower/bath tub that you can freely use during labor, a birth ball, and of course all the medical "stuff." ooo, plus they mentioned that you get all the ice chips and fruit popsicles you can stand. yippee!

anyway, you keep this room until you give birth. they then give you about two hours to bond with baby and take a shower before sending you up to the rooming-in floor. depending on what kind of birth you had you can be on this floor anywhere between 6 hours and several days. there are rooms you may have to share with 3 other people, 1 other person, or there are a few private rooms. just like the dorm...only you have a new tiny baby and you are exhausted. fun!

4. gifts arriving in the mail. some thoughtful items from friends and family have been trickling in for monster. kinda fun to find a new treat/surprise in the mail every so often. thanks guys!

(thanks mom and al, erin o, the meisners, joanie and barry, and "jens mom" for the goodies.)

5. "the last phone call." had a couple of friends making that last pre-baby communication. well, maybe not the last, but they definitely recently made sure to fit in a call or an IM before all hell breaks loose. very sweet and humorous. thanks guys. :)

celebrity corner:
- lisa leslie gave birth early to her second child, a son (she was due in may).

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James and Jen said...

I love the slogans you listed for monster. They totally made me laugh. I can't believe you're already full term.. it's so exciting! :) ~Jen