08 April 2010

Nessie news - 36 weeks

36 weeks. a month to go. well, actually, to keep myself on a more realistic path it seems wise to give the margin of error: 0-6 weeks until monsters arrival.

(actually wore this shirt back in august during our east coast road trip. i suppose technically i was actually a week pregnant then or some silliness like that. but oh for the days when stripes were stretched far less...)

dr appt:
gained one pound. blood pressure was 120/60. baby heartbeat was 152 bpm. still in head down position. my doctor agreed to take monster and i as her patients after delivery, so that is good. and, now i get to carry around my prenatal records. apparently you have to bring them with you to the hospital so now i have to tote them back and forth from doctor visits and hospital visits until monster is actually born. lots of responsibility...

1. im SO slow now. somewhat uncomfortable as well, though managing in that department on a day-to-day basis. but i am snail pace slow. depressing.

(look at this multi-tasking preggo dutch lady making me look bad. stop it.)

2. itchy belly. relief! amy was lovely and kind and thoughtful when she came to visit. she brought me some Lush products to soothe my tummy. and they work! highly recommend the butter bar and the pot of lotion she gave me. stops the dryness for several hours. even the doctor could notice that i was using it. :)

3. monster movements. i am noticing the hiccups i had read about before. being head down, i can feel the gentle, rhythmic jolts quite well. usually happens in the late evening. also, monster is still moving around a lot. starting at around 33 weeks or so, the books and websites were saying "your babys movements will slow down. your doctor may ask you to do fetal movement counts to make sure things are still normal." no need on my end. i guess monster hasnt read those books because its still easier to count when there is NO movement.

4. blurred vision. weird. never had this before. only eye things ive ever had have been floaters. one night while eating dinner though, i had a blurry left eye for about 30 minutes. freaked the shit out of me. it did go away and i later asked the doctor about it. she said it wasnt a blood pressure thing because it only happened in one eye. she said it was probably a migraine halo (even though i wasnt having a migraine). she said it is nothing to worry about.

1. monsters crib arrived! amy and tony brought it when they drove up. my mom had bought it, had it shipped to them, and then they shuttled it here. oh the things people will do for a baby. :)

(monsters sleeping quarters)

2. PH prenatal class: we were too tired and apathetic to go for the "regular labor and delivery" class but we did make it to the "labor/delivery interventions" class. it was held at the IWK, the hospital. the hospital location is fabulously close to us...a 5 minute drive or 15 minute walk. anyway, the class was informative. it seems like the hospital is inclined to be open to alternative birthing options/styles, but of course they have all their helpful drugs and interventions. she said their induction rate is 30-40% for first time moms! if your water breaks, they give you a 24 period to have labor start naturally, on your own...then they give you drugs. 90% of first time moms get an epidural! the rate of c-section for the province is 30%. the rate of post partum depression is about 10%.

1. "breastfeeding made simple: seven natural laws for nursing mothers" by nancy mohrbacher. finally got myself to read some more baby books. this one is great. very straight forward and filled with useful information. laid out in a helpful way. i would actually recommend buying this one, rather than renting it from the library. seems like a great thing to keep around once baby comes and you want to refer to something in those early days/weeks while still figuring out and getting used to breastfeeding.

2. "the birth partner: a complete guide to childbirth for dads, doulas, and other labor companions" by penny simkin. this one is actually for dave. he is reading it. and he seems to be getting useful information from it. acting more empowered with knowledge. :) it has drawings and lists and suggestions and lots of seemingly useful things for labor support people.

celeb corner:
1. singer mark mcgraths fiancee is due in may with twins.

2. actress paula patton and singer robin thicke had their son early and named him julian fuego.

3. reese and her gorgeous kids at the white house easter egg hunt:

(ava, reese, and deacon)


Mary Ann said...

That is one snazzy crib. Does it come in adult sizes?

Sarah said...

yay! yay! yay! can't wait for monster!!

Jody said...

Does it mean anything that Monster has been staying head down? As in, is he/she prepping for escape, or do all babies do that at this point?

p.s. the word verification I have to type to post this is "penal".

amw said...

"head down" is how good babies come out. i think they say that at around 34-35 weeks if they arent head down then there likely isnt enough room for them to turn easily later as they grow bigger...leading to mom being highly likely to have a scheduled c-section. they can still turn in later weeks, which is why they keep checking. :) stay monster, stay.

and i cant believe google gave you "penal" to type in. it must really know you...lol.

Jody said...

That, or it's a hint as to Monster's sex...maybe the survey is wrong.