01 April 2010

Nessie news - 35 weeks

35 weeks. 5-ish more to go.

dr appt:
gained another 3 pounds (ive decided scales are cruel and unusual pieces of torture equipment). my blood pressure was 98/60. baby heartbeat was 156 bpm. still positioned head down. and, i got my group b strep test done today...something like 25% of women have it and it doesnt bother them, but there is a rare chance of transferring it to baby during delivery (if you have it). so around week 36-38 they do a test to see if you are positive or negative. this is done by getting a vaginal and rectal swab. fun! actually not too terrible, but definitely not glamorous.

then, because of the reality that monster is coming sooner than later, i asked about labor stuff. the doctor gave me the number for "early labor" at the hospital so i know who to call and where to get checked out. also, i asked the doc about her delivery flexibility, "do i have to labor on my back? are you okay with me doing what i want to be comfortable?" she seems happy to be involved in that kind of environment. so thats good. also, i have graduated to now having weekly doctor visits...getting closer...

1. my feet are tired and slightly puffy by the end of the day now. i cant wear my wedding ring. :( its just a wee too tight. i can see it in my fingers in the belly pic. i guess there is some water weight i am now also lugging around. it also gets generally worse if i get hot...which often occurs with any amount of movement. so...i guess this will mean the scale at the doctors office will continue to be unfriendly. new piece of advice: when you start having to get weighed for pregnancy...i suggest making someone else look at the scale and record the weight without telling you the actual number. they can just say "looks good" or "you might want to be careful with your meals for the next little while." i think this would be MUCH better for the mental state of pregnant people everywhere.

2. at night, it is common to wake up finding one or more of my limbs have fallen asleep.

3. i find i have alternate days where i either have energy but im sore or im tired but not as sore. no longer are energy and comfort combined.

4. still doing well on the heartburn front. i added little clementines to my combating repertoire. they were on sale at the grocery store and dave and i had forgotten this digestive aid from life in france. it really does help if you eat one after meals.

5. monster movements. being head down has curbed most of the random below-the-belt pokes thankfully. now the pokes are at about belly button level which is fine. but with a bigger baby comes bigger muscles and more ability to push the limits of my skin. its pretty impressive. and dave and i have categorized monsters activity into a few categories: wedging (between the hips, between the hips and ribs, under the ribcage into lung territory, etc.), packing (where monster curls into the smallest mass possible while distorting my belly), poking, and oozing.

6. i had read at some point that "now that baby can hear, you may find that certain things startle baby." i hadnt found that to be true. but, when im stretching on the bed, often my knee will crack and i do find that monster jumps a little. probably not only because of the noise itself, but the fact that some of that vibration must travel up my leg and into my torso.

1. PH prenatal classes: breastfeeding. had another lame teacher for this session. i could have answered peoples questions better than her. in my opinion it was a very important class to motivate and educate the people to get them to be encouraged to breastfeed for as long as possible. she missed the boat. it was more than disappointing.

memorable question of the night: "what do you wash the breasts with to get them clean?"...so, due to another question, we were talking about creams for the nipples (sweet). then the instructor reminded people that whatever you put on the breast will go in babys mouth. and also to think about the soaps and lotions you use because if you have something nut based you could be introducing nuts to the babys system too early and possibly encourage an allergy to develop later on. so, one dad raised his hand and asked this question about how you are suppose to wash the breasts to get them clean. it was hilarious because the way he said it made it sound like he thought they were the dirtiest part of the human body and it was important to really get them clean. the instructor was like, "well, in fact, water alone is just fine."

the only thing we learned from that class was that its a good idea for breastfeeding moms to buy D-drops to be able to get a one-drop-per-day supplement of vitamin D to baby because there apparently isnt a ton in breast milk.

2. along the breastfeeding v formula lines. i saw this article about botulism being found in baby formulas in the u.s. awesome. plus, someone else told me about another formula contamination of salmonella. scary...

3. had another doula meeting. we talked about all the procedures that get done at the hospital and how to make decisions about how you might want them to be used on you. things like sweeping the membranes, fetal monitoring, pushing while holding your breath, and suctioning the baby are all not really shown to be as effective as hospitals would have you believe. things like wearing your own clothes while in the hospital is a good idea to help make you feel less like a "sick patient." and things like getting frequent cervical checks can affect your outcomes: if they are done too often, then the staff may have more fuel to label you as someone with "failure to progress" and you could find yourself pressured toward a c-section. and c-sections are, frighteningly, still on the rise. lots of stuff about the hospital i hadnt quite thought about, so it was again great to have her, her experience, and her knowledge as a resource.

4. we watched the movie "away we go" finally. its about a pregnant couple looking for a good place to raise their child so it was quite timely. overall, id give it a 3.5/5, but i did enjoy many aspects. of course all of their friends/family in the movie were exaggerated/extreme caricatures of potential real personalities, but i found some connection. id say that actually i was a combination of many of the female characters: the foul mouth of allison janneys character, the slightly "alternative" birthing views of maggie gyllenhaals u of wisconsin - madison hippie character (i only claim the doula and midwife references. her breastfeeding and babywearing views were the crazy parts for me), the montreal friend who adopted/fostered kids with her husband while still getting out, having fun, and having a life (let that be me, let that be me), and the nomadic traveling of the main female character. and the male lead was a sweet guy with a beard (a lot like dave, except the guy was overly obsessed with his girlfriends potential post-pregnancy boobs). oh, and they did a good job of playing up the cringe factor of having most of the side characters comment on how HUGE the pregnant main character looked. nice. just what we all want to hear...

celeb corner:
-the celebrities due around my time are starting to have their baby showers...looks like amy adams attended hers recently, as well as tiffani thiessen.


Mary Ann said...

Does "sooner than later" still mean May 6?

amw said...

"sooner than later" just means im still adjusting to the reality that time is drawing closer. the doctor hasnt been messing with the due date. even if she was, i wouldnt believe her until i actually had the kid in my hands. they arent very good at predicting that stuff.

Jody said...

yay! I can't beleive Monster is almost here!

just curious, what the "oozing" is that Monster does. sounds crazy.

amw said...

ah the oozing. its like a poke, but then the body part makes a long, slow arc across the belly from one side to another. wax on, wax off. lol.