23 April 2010

Hot air 14 - Last chapter of life before becoming a milk machine

just the last collection of items watched, read, eaten, etc before monster arrived...

brittany (france that is) appreciation:
- watched the movie "a very long engagement" (by the director of "amelie") with audrey tautou. much was filmed in brittany (the towns of plogonnec and locronan to be exact). absolutely gorgeous breton landscapes. the film is about a woman who follows a thin paper trail to find her beloved fiancé after he is believed dead during WWI.

(map marker is in the town of plogonnec. locronan is just a few kilometers north)

- stumbled upon some tasty blog entries praising breton products by american chef and parisian food blogger david lebovitz:
1. an entry on the amazing salted butter of brittany
2. an entry on the famous salted caramel of brittany
3. an entry on the quality sea salt of brittany

nova scotia surfing:
- as ive mentioned before, there is some world class surfing to be had at lawrencetown beach, nova scotia. supposedly top rate for winter surfing. the cbc made a small documentary about it.

pop culture:
- weve been watching the 30 minute comedy called "better off ted" on occasion. we have tested out so many of the other prime time offerings and were severely disappointed. we yearn for more arrested development, but, in its absence, we can still get a portia de rossi fix by watching this new-ish comedy. not too bad.

- and...i see that the new "twilight saga: eclipse" trailer is out (june 30. woo!). i will put some minds at ease, i hope, by mentioning that i have ZERO interest in this silly twilight spin-off story about bree the vampire. im not that obsessed. does that give me back an ounce of street cred?

- amusing blog called "hyperbole and a half" had a funny post making fun of people who dont type "properly" while commenting in cyberspace. (one of the gripes makes fun of the way i type...no capital letters, no apostrophes. bite me. i feel that capital letters are aggressive and apostrophes are pretentious.)

- reese has a new guy. a little depressed it couldnt work with jake...

- celeb family pics...

(gwyneth paltrow with children moses and apple; julia roberts with niece emma)

some tasty recipes weve tried:
- white bean, sausage, and greens soup (recipe sounds like it coulda been "blah," but it was actually quite nice. we couldnt find any escarole so we used kale.)
- a simple, tasty cornbread (recipe chosen based on ingredients we had in the house at time of desiring said cornbread.)
- red lentil, zucchini, and cous cous soup (could you put together any other combination of random ingredients and want to eat it? not sure. its weird, but tasty. plus, i love soup and i love variety so this was a welcome treat.)
- cheddar and apple stuffed pork chops (heaven. random find by chef nib.)
- roasted potatoes and asparagus (easy side dish with the pork chops. garlic was added. SO yum.)

new yorker articles:
- brief article about the unusual topic of "citizen tree pruner." plus, safety tips about using a chainsaw. love it.
- brief article on bedbugs. ah, so random.
- brief article on u.s. health care and how the government can agree to pass new laws limiting what private insurers can do, but we cant even come close to partial agreement for public insurance.
- brief article about a female chicago architect and her thoughtful designs (she recently built a beauty of a condo skyscraper in lakeshore east).
- brief article mentioning the turmoil in the u.s. back when medicare was passed and what the fallout is/could be for this health care bill.

- short article about a michigan man who owns a cryogenic business to freeze your body after you die.
- short article on the current literature related to death, dying, grieving, and the culture around what is "acceptable."
- short article about a group of obsessed foodies who try to follow szechuan chef peter chang around the east coast as he mysteriously leaves one restaurant and shows up somewhere else.
- short article on clint eastwoods career and characters. written with respectful admiration.
- short article about happiness research/literature. interesting findings and thoughts for policy implications, though im not sure i agree with all of it.
- short article about a new food guide/movement in france called "le fooding." had never heard of it. younger vibe of people out looking for unpretentious food. im smitten.
- shorter article about a fascinating italian man in the fashion industry, brunello cucinelli. he makes exquisite cashmere clothes, respectfully uses local italian labor, and re-invests 20% of his company profits back into the town where he lives and works.

- long-ish article on the literature of mental disorders/psychiatry and the current drug treatment options and the mixed bag of opinions and "science" in those areas.
- longer article profiling the tea party movement.
- longer article about van gogh and a different side of his life and relationship with artist paul gauguin, and the possibility that gauguin may actually have cut off van goghs ear.
- longer article about andy warhol, his persona and art, and a general synthesis of the time period of art that he flourished in.
- longer article about an isolated group of "mountain people" who live just 25 miles from NYC and have been very misunderstood. very interesting.

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Trav said...

loved a very long engagement, though i thought it would be happier (although nothing, but nothing, leads the viewer to expect that...)

Looking forward to trying some of your recipes... esp soups and kale stuff (the csa provides!)