03 April 2010

Friends burst through the fog!

our season of isolation has broken! friends arrived today (well, late last night to be exact) to spend their easter weekend with us!

i didnt realize how long its been since weve seen familiar faces (december 31 to be exact) but we were very excited for the first visitors of 2010. our new york friends amy and tony (who we visited in august) are teachers. they had easter week off, including easter monday, so they made the decision to come visit us via a crazy-long road trip through the east coast fog (took them about 16 hours to drive up...they did it in one day: 6:30a EST to 11:30p AST).

anyway, they were knocking on our door around 10a on this breezy, mild morning and we were happy to welcome them in. of course catch-up chatting quickly commenced and thats how we pleasantly spent the morning. then, as hunger mounted i called around to see what restaurants were open because it was good friday. our third choice place, henry house, was open for lunch so we walked over. this is the nice, historic pub a block from us that we have, until now, only had drinks and desserts at. we got a table for four by the window to soak up the daylight. dave was able to introduce his favorite local beers to the group and we all ordered simple pub fare. most of the food was just okay, but i was able to con amy into sharing her black bean burger with me, which was very tasty.

after food, it was time to tour. amy wanted to use her newly acquired rain boots on a local beach. since she didnt believe that there was the possibility to surf in nova scotia, we took them to lawrencetown beach. they also got to witness our weather phenomenons. we were having a mostly sunny day in halifax city, though there was a bit of fog over the water in the harbour. but, when we arrived in lawrencetown it was grey, dark, cool, and FOGGY. true to the nature of the locals though, this wasnt stopping anyone. there were over a dozen surfers out in the water and piles of people and dogs using the beach. we stuck around to watch the surfing and skip stones and see how much misty dampness our visitors could take. :) when theyd had their fill, we got in the car and tried out rainbow haven beach.

(the fog at lawrencetown beach; a real surfer. in full-on cold weather gear)

(amy layered in protective gear on the beach; dave looking for skipping stones; good chucking form...)

(amy really wanted to beachcomb and find some nice shells here...but its such a rocky beach that no shells really survive; me, dave, and amy having a pow wow. possibly deciding to leave.)

rainbow haven beach is much larger, sandier, and exposed. thus it was windier (but less foggy). we didnt stay long because we got chilled. then we did a drive-by of fishermans cove and were back among the sunshine again.

in halifax, we separated to get reorganized and then regrouped at our apartment to have a dave-made dinner of mexican food. of course more chatting (and furious knitting by amy to try and get some baby items done) occurred throughout the meal and then we played one of the board games theyd brought..."are you smarted than a fifth grader?" while there were some questions that did get answered incorrectly (i wont name names), overall, it was kinda lame. but of course, that didnt spoil the evening. :)

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