23 April 2010

FASCC 5 - caribbean twist

managed to get in a "sushi club" tonight, though we didnt eat sushi.

our french friend and original FASCC member has been in europe for a while (almost two months) so we were on hiatus. he had a work trip on a boat near cyprus and after that he was spending some time in paris. difficult life. but, with the volcanic eruption disrupting his return to halifax, it looks like he will be in europe for almost another month (attending a conference and doing a job interview). so we had to get another food date in without him.

we took a couple of hot/spicy food loving geologists to caribbean twist. i think it was a big hit. they were both impressed with the level of "heat" and all the plates were cleaned. dave ordered the jerk chicken plate and i tried the curry chicken roti with curry potatoes this time. it was great. like a spicy crepe. i can definitely handle that.

plus, we had the banana cream pie to finish again. mmmmmm.

(daves jerk chicken platter; my curry chicken roti)

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