18 April 2010

Clean crafts with cookies

got in a little fun on an ugly rainy/sleety/snowy sunday.

we decided to hit up the halifax spring crafters market. this was definitely not your grandmas craft show, it was actually more like a hipster rally. we didnt feel out of place or anything, but there was definitely a concentration of that population. but, it was fun because that meant that the products were really creative and thoughtful and different.

all kinds of "craft" media were being sold: pottery, whimsical creatures, handsewn/handknit accessories (some made with felt, which i always love), paintings, custom t-shirts, soap, etc. i recognized several of the items because many of the artists are featured in the adorable local store called "love, me boutique." its nice to know we can find this stuff another day if we wish. one of the more visually appealing stands was by a women who sold little knick knacky type creations of her imagined creatures. kind of dark but also fun. her website isnt terribly exciting, but her work was lovely.

since these types of events usually sell items for decoration rather than daily essentials, i always have a tough time convincing myself that i need a $30 do-hickey. i loved looking at everything though and imagine if we had a more permanent residence that we would have been more likely to purchase. as it was, we could only be tempted to buy our guilty pleasure: artisanal soap. soap serves a purpose and it gets consumed and then you dont have to tote it from move to move. we tend to get drawn in to the delicious smells and imagine the peaceful oasis the shower will turn into...if we buy this $5/bar soap. anyway, we selected 3 bars from the one soap vendor there: a chocolate mint bar, a licorice root bar, and a lavender lime bar. side note: the soap woman weighed in that she thinks monster is going to be a boy.

when we finished the tour of the craft tables, we decided to end on a food note. there was a vegan baker there selling her scrumptious creations. we chose her ginger cookie and chocolate chip cookie. um, they were fantastic. soft and chewy and flavorful and...gone in 5 seconds.

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