08 March 2010

U.N.C-een uglier oscar dresses

on a lighter note, the oscars!

dave was visiting a friend of his who recently accepted a faculty position at UNC. while he was "working" on a collaboration this weekend down in the sunny/warm south, i was here. thus, i was very much looking forward to the oscars to interrupt the boredom.

i was able to find live red carpet coverage on the internet and settled in to watch. unfortunately, my take home feeling was that this was the worst year for dresses since fashion became a focal point of the event (back in the 1990s). before that time, i cant really fault people for some of their wacky dress choices. this year, i found there were too many ruffles or pleats, too much avant-garde design, and/or the dress colors were too washed out (pale pinks, peachs, golds, and blues).

this was made worse, in my opinion, by the fact that all the live commentating i was finding was nothing but positive. since when does that happen? ugly dresses were called "edgy" or "unique" or they would simply skim over the dress and say that "her jewelry choice was perfect." get out of here. biased media has even crossed over to entertainment "reporting." stop trying to get in sarah jessica parker, j.lo, and vera farmigas pants!! ack. pull the claws out please, i mean, usually being catty is unnecessary, but some of those dresses were asking for it. in the end, i knew it was bad that i actually thought demi moore and miley cyrus were looking good. ugh, what a night. and to top it off, i couldnt find a live feed to watch the actual oscars. i have resisted youtubing the parts of the night that were most talked about because i want to find the thing posted somewhere in full length. anyone got any suggestions?

(sjp in her gold chanel sack. ugly neckline. ugly hair that was too huge, and the back of the dress looked even worse; vera in her magenta fan ruffled disaster. the hair and lipstick didnt add anything helpful; j.lo in her shiny folded quilt. that extra bunch of quilt material on her left side looked like a side pony tail. ridiculous; charlize theron, i think you were just egging people on to say something mean about your hypnotic boob spirals. i mean come on!; zoe saldana you are newish to this so i can cut you come slack, but the ruffles and dress dye job are a no-go)

(demi had both ruffles and a washed out dress color but somehow it still came out making her look decent. and i guess since she has made some ugly fashion choices in the past, i was approving of this look; miley, i hate you, but i ended up liking the dress and hair. good for your age and body type and event appropriate)

(a gorgeous couple of presenters, jake and rachel looked hot. they should make babies; lifelong fav molly ringwald was there for a special john hughes tribute. the lady looks fabulous as a mom of three over 40 who gave birth to twins 8 months ago!)


Georgette said...

Wait...are you suggesting that Jake cheat on Reese with Rachel? Maybe you do have pregnancy brain... :)

amw said...

reese and jake broke up a couple months ago. :( :'(

Mary Ann said...


This was the part of the show that I loved. The "What the ..." moment.