14 March 2010

Sunshine and rainbows

seeing the sun meant we had to try and find some way to get out and make use of the day.

we had some errands to run, but we incorporated them with some sightseeing. we first fueled up in dartmouth at our thyme cafe. always a good and cheap place that supports a local social program, and their smoothies and food are actually good too! then it was off to stock up on some used monster clothes (a sack of stuff in great condition for under $25). and now we could use the opportunity of being on this side of the harbour to see some new things. we drove along the harbour (this canadian-british-english is really getting to me) until we reached eastern passage, where we stopped in to fishermans cove.

this is a weird little working fishing village that is also maintained for tourists. there are two rows of little shacks that you can drive down (and theres parking) with restaurants, gift shops, ice cream stands, seafood retail, and other odds n ends. the view of industrial dartmouth isnt gorgeous but you can get a boat over to mcnabs island (which is a large island at the mouth of halifax harbour) and there is also a built-up boardwalk to allow for some viewing of the nicer areas nearby. it looks like a place to come back with visitors perhaps, or at least when the tourist season makes things a bit livelier.

anyway, back in the car we passed intriguing places like emmas eatery and treat shop gourmandises avenue on our nice little coastal drive along hilly, winding roads. we decided to stop and check out rainbow haven beach. the sun was out but its always deceptive near the water. the wind brought some pretty cold gusts off the water, so while it was nice to be on this sandy beach, we also didnt want to stay too long. kind of a bummer, but at least we found another nearby summertime place.

(route for the day: starting in dartmouth [marker A], then to fishermans cove [marker B] and finishing at rainbow haven beach [marker C]; dave and i on rainbow haven beach)

in the end we were able to mix errands with a little exploring. and it was nice to fit this little drive in because we kept cutting it off when we drove the "marine drive" past lawrencetown and martinique beach to get to musquodoboit harbour.

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