18 March 2010

Nessie news - 33 weeks

33 weeks. only 7 more to go.

dr appt:
gained 3 lbs (grrr. the recommended is 2 lbs. if i never see a scale again after all this, it will be too soon!). my blood pressure was 106/55. baby heartbeat was okay. the new med student seemed to think monster was head down-ish, though he wasnt very confident. we got the number to make an appointment for the hospitals pre-admission clinic where you can tour the hospital ahead of time and get pre-registered so there is less to do when you come in in labor. and i was told that the next visit i will get the group B strep swab test done. more on that next time...

1. heartburn. still doing well with this but bananas have been added to my list of things i want to avoid.

2. hunger. it waxes and wanes but does seem to be creeping back like in the early scary days. i hate it. thinking about food all the time when im now big enough to feel like every bite i take is sticking to me immediately.

3. massive size. i am growing out of my jackets. thankfully, since the weather is getting a bit nicer, i was able to take out the inner liner of my rain/winter jacket and give the jacket circumference a few extra centimeters. we'll see how long that lasts.

4. linea nigra. yeah, that faint brown midline stripe arrived. i thought id seen that people get it way earlier on, oh well. since im not out sunbathing, im sure it will fade away to nothing after. but it does provide a perfect itching target. lately i have been SUPER itchy. not just anywhere on my stomach, only at the midline. i guess thats where the stretching originates? no amount of lotion or time with a cold pack can calm it. SO annoying.

5. and heres a new one. never, ever heard of this before. typically, a few times a day i hear a clicking noise coming from the womb. at first i thought i was crazy, but it would happen while i was silently sitting or resting and all of the sudden, an audible click would emanate. not a bunch in a row or anything, just one click. sounds kinda like the noise you can get from cracking your pinky finger. and its definitely coming from monster. dave has actually heard it now too, so im not insane. and i see on the internet that other pregnant women have mentioned it on chat boards. although, no one seems to really know what it is because when they mention it to their doctor, their doc looks at them like they have 3 eyes. no one seemed to find any reason why it would be something to be concerned about. and i havent been focusing on it in a frightened way anyway, just a weird curiosity.

1. maternity leave. for paperwork purposes i had to choose some specific dates for mat leave, though they are obviously flexible. i picked april 30-august 30. how the canadian system works with mat leave is this: the government pays 65% of your salary while you are off (during the designated "maternity leave" period) and some companies will provide the remaining percentage to get you up to 100%. at dalhousie, each boss gets to choose if they want to do this (since it comes out of their research money). my boss has chosen to "top up" my salary. so i will be getting all my current pay while i am gone. pretty cool.

now, there are lots of other options i dont fully understand, since i am not using them. first, if you have a difficult pregnancy and need to go on bed rest or leave work early, there is some other government paid time period that you can use before the baby comes to cover a percentage of your pay for that time. then, the first 17 weeks after the baby arrives is called maternity leave (what i am taking). then there is an option to take "parental leave" or something like that where you get a different percentage of your pay but you can basically use this leave to end up staying home for one year with your baby. and whats even nicer is that you can split the "parental leave" between you and your husband. again, if you can afford the lower paycheck, you can both split the time home from work (so you could both be home full-time with baby for 6 months. or 3 months for dad, 9 months for mom. etc.). while this isnt as great a system as many european maternity leave options, i thought it was quite generous, especially coming from the u.s.

2. daycare. so, once i put in my maternity leave dates, i starting calling day care places. yeahh.......they are booking infants for summer 2011! you read that right. i know that places like NYC and the like have long wait lists, but never in my wildest dreams did i assume id have to call daycare places BEFORE finding out i was pregnant...in halifax!! get a grip. now im not really sure how september is going to look, but it looks like i'll have to get creative. dave will have to work from home with monster while i go in and take care of my stuff. hopefully i'll be able to stay part-time, or a daycare will magically let us in. or perhaps dave will find a job somewhere else before i have to pull my hair out looking for real solutions.

3. i have recently gotten several "you are all baby" comments in regards to my belly and overall pregnancy body. as these are meant as compliments to my body size/weight gain i try to take them as such, but it makes me feel weird to have people looking at me. although, at this point i stick out like a sore thumb. its still nice that from the back i dont look pregnant, but since my pelvis is sore, i am already tending to waddle, so its not like i can be incognito. i suppose it has mostly been nice to have the weight all appear to be in the front, but ive recently had frightening flashes of looking like katie holmes did at the end. she looked so unnaturally huge just in front that i seriously thought she was faking her pregnancy. plus, now that im in her position, it really sucks to carry a ton of bricks under your skin all in one spot.

(katie holmes, near the end of her pregnancy with suri)

4. we started our free public health prenatal classes. the classes had been suspended due to H1N1, but thankfully started back up recently so that we could take part. our classes are wednesday nights, for 2 hours, for about 6-7 weeks. there are 8-10 couples in our class, and most of them seem like dolts, so im glad i have my self-organized prenatal group of women to chat with.

anyway, our first class was on infant care. the public health nurse leading that was fantastic. she actually presented decent information in a dynamic and confident way that made her seem like a believable source. she discussed reading babys cues and how to make the best transition into parenthood as possible. she was straightforward, presented research-based facts, yet allowed for individual level adoption based on personal preference. dave and i thought that class was worth our time.

the second class was parenting. it was terrible. we had a different instructor and she simply read her notes and wasnt good at answering questions. i felt like i learned nothing, and actually at the halfway break, we wanted to leave. ugh. hopefully we will have better instructors again in the future.

5. babywearing. there has been a lot of safety talk about slings in the news. its interesting. my understanding is that slings were recently put on the list of things that needed to be safety tested, which is why rates of injury and death were looked in to. over the past 20 years there have been like 14 deaths in slings. most of these were premature/underweight babies under the age of 4 months. for me, its great to have this information so i can assess the reports based on my own personal behaviors. i have a sling i plan to use. i know the proper positioning and i intend to be sensible with my expectations for using the sling. for example, if its a sweaty summer day, im likely to choose the stroller anyway so that im not carrying a hot baby in a sack on my chest. anyway, i think its great to bring these things to peoples attention, but hopefully they are reasonable in assessing the real issues/dangers.

celebrity corner:
1. saw some bumps at the oscars (march 7) from celebs who are due around the same time as me:

(amy adams; paula patton. she was in the movie "precious")

2. jim and pam (from "the office") had a baby girl! they named her cecilia marie. while googling, i found that NBC actually created a baby blog for this fictional person/family. creepy? yes.


Trav said...

if you come to ny, i can be your daycare for august! we bought an air conditioner, so no problems with the horrific heat this year! i promise!!! so so so so so excited to see the belly pic, by the way (an katie holmes looks weird in that pic because of her dark coat and shelf-like protrusion in a light color. i think your belly shot is AWESOME! and vaguely hot (in a bright red/tight black pants kinds a way. ROCK IT, SUSANA!)) and yes, coming from the us, your maternity leave is pretty sweet.

Jody said...

I think the obvious explanation for the clicking is that monster really is a monster and not a human baby at all.

Also, I agree that the belly pic is awesome. and you definitely don't look like katie holmes - in a good way.

this is crazy that monster is almost here.

amw said...

jo, i agree that monster is likely non-human. especially with the daily reenactments of the scene from alien where the creature rips free from the guys abdomen...

Billiam said...

I've been doing my mat leave paperwork this week, too. *sigh* They make it difficult; looks like the max I'll be able to afford is 8-10 weeks. And then will come back to only part-time.

Also, I hear you about receiving comments on your body. I kind of wish all such comments would stop ... but I know they're harmless ... but it bothers me to receive that kind of attention ... but what are you going to do when, as you say, you stick out like a sore thumb ...

Yeah. :)