04 March 2010

Nessie news - 31 weeks

31 weeks. we are now in the single digits for the number of weeks until the due date! crazy.

dr appt:
gained only 1.5 pounds again! so now i am at a total gain of 30 pounds. awesome. my blood pressure: 120/58. baby heartbeat: 152 bpm. urine fine. the med student rotating through the docs office felt and said that monster was head down (this was also the case at the last visit when she felt for monster). and while it still seems like monster is regularly flipping around, at least there seem to be moments when the head down position is being tested...good job little one, remember to go to that place when the real time comes. also, my sensitive skin has caught up with me. i apparently have some dermatitis on my elbows and hands, but with regular dousings of lotion, ive been able to keep it under control.

1. well, i feel like i got bigger overnight. shortly after my last doctor appointment i woke up and really felt like i was carrying a bowling ball around...ALL day. its taken until about now to adjust to this new form of normalcy and not feel so rundown and achy by mid-day.

2. of course, the feeling bigger is also made less fun by the fact that monster is now enjoying wedging into some tight spots that make me feel a lot of pressure. body parts jammed between hips and ribs are exciting, and curling up and using my hips/pelvis area as a turtle shell is highly enjoyable. perhaps most disturbing though are the regular jabs below my underwear line. i mean, i dont really feel like there should be access that low. its like, while im showering, i expect at any minute for a tiny hand to reach out and hand me the bar of soap. get out of there! float up and play somewhere else, near my belly button perhaps.

(two monster videos. better than last time, in my opinion. pretty sure these will be the last time i post kicking videos, so dont worry. we couldnt decide which was better of the two so both are here. dave said this is acceptable because the future grandmas might be interested.)

3. pregnancy brain! this hasnt been consistent, but recently i had two episodes in two days where i felt like i was losing my mind. while heading out to prenatal group last week, i couldnt find my keys. since i always put them in the same spot i was freaked out. did i leave them in the door? they arent there. did someone steal them? are we now vulnerable to a stranger entering at night while we are sleeping? who should i call? where the hell are my keys? yeah...they turned out to be in my purse.

second incident involved the doula. the appointment was on the calendar. i knew it was coming. in the morning, i reminded dave about it. we talked about it. i was ready. then i ate lunch and never thought about it again. dave called me from the coffee shop on the doulas phone and was like "...uh, where are you?" i was so embarrassed that i totally forgot. i told him to go ahead and chat with her since i trusted his opinion and that i might get over there in time, which i ended up doing and totally feeling like an idiot. pregnancy brain sucks. thankfully i havent had any more recent episodes, and hopefully my list-making and organizational tactics will keep more embarrassment at bay.

4. latest baby dream: during a storm we were in a community center. i knew i was in labor so we calmly gathered our stuff to go to the hospital. got to the hospital and they said that i was in labor. they said i could try and give birth by myself without c-section but they wanted to give me an ultrasound. during the ultrasound monster was waving hello. i felt contractions but they were manageable. the nurse brought me the customary seafood chowder with 5 special (mussels, clams, oysters?) in a richer creamier sauce than the chowder. dave had some too. my contractions slowed.

5. heartburn. this is only slightly creeping back. ive noticed it most after mustard, wasabi, milk, and fatty foods. so now i stay away from that stuff (except dairy). if i happen to get a flair up, my handy remedy has been papaya juice. i dont need more than a few sips and a couple minutes later i start to notice a real change. our grocery store actually only has a papaya/pear juice blend, but it is still potent enough apparently to take care of it. plus, it is possibly also helpful that i tend to drink 1-2 mugs of peppermint tea each day. its caffeine-free and a natural digestive aid, so maybe that helps sustain a low heartburn probability.

1. found an interesting article saying that they are about to change the gestational diabetes guidelines in such a way that will lower the accepted values for the glucose test. this will mean that two to three times more women are going to be considered gestational diabetics. where there are currently about 5-8%, these guidelines could call more than 16% of the pregnant women population "diabetic." this seems just crazy to me. i mean, there are real consequences for being called a gestational diabetic. you likely have to receive insulin and you are often considered "high risk." will this lead to more c-sections and interventions and negative effects on mother and baby? i mean, i know they are trying to curb the negative effects caused by the diabetes, but calling 16% of a population "sick" doesnt seem realistic. yikes.

2. monsters stroller was featured as a prize for a people.com celebrity baby blog giveaway. these are the newer ones being made in china. ha ha. but cool that it was in the spotlight. :)

3. new item: i am now a full-time worker. in the wonderfully wacky world of academic funding, my boss found some extra money and a project that needs working on. she asked if i wanted to be full-time for march and april. i said...sure. seemed weird to decline. i still have a flexible schedule. as long as i am getting my items done for the week, it doesnt matter where or when i work. so, while it doesnt put many more physical demands on me, it is a little bit stressful to know that every time i choose to take it easy or turn my brain off mid-day, i will have to find time later on to get that work done. so bizarre to have stepped things up just when i am slowing down. although, my boss is reasonable, so if things started to swallow me up, i think she would be understanding and let me adjust back down a level or two.


Susan said...

Thanks for the two videos. You guys are excellent at capturing the moment of great movement!! It is very exciting for this grandma to see her little grandchild being so active. You go little missy or mister!! Can't wait to see you.

Billiam said...

Just going back through your old preggo posts, trying to make myself feel better ... :) Having annoying heartburn these days, so will need to find some papaya juice - thanks for the suggestion! - and ramp up my peppermint tea intake. Good that I never tire of peppermint - yummy.