27 February 2010

Un-wind with thai food and friends

under lovely weather conditions, we had dinner out with our fellow pregnant couple friends.

a storm from the u.s. came in overnight and brought LOTS of wind and rain and the storm continued to rage ALL day. dave, insanely, chose to ride his bike in to work when the winds were up somewhere at 104 km/h (some might say hes just a hardcore, dedicated biker, but im frightened about monsters gene pool). it felt like hurricane season. thankfully, we didnt lose power at the apartment (somehow!), so i worked from home all day.

our plans this evening were to have dinner down the street from us with friends emily and craig, the ones with a due date the day before me. since the thai place was literally a block from us, even though the storm continued, we kept our plans. sporadic parts of town (including some restaurant strips) were without power though, so when we arrived at the restaurant it was packed. thankfully we had a reservation, but service in general was slow. if we hadnt had friends to talk to i would have gnawed off my own arm, or at least played the "pregnant lady need food now!" card. as it was, we were able to chat, catch up (i had seen emily at the prenatal things, but we hadnt seen craig since before christmas), discuss the olympics, and tabulate baby stuff.

as for the food, we still havent really found a thai place that works for us here. to be fair, i didnt want to get curry for fear of heartburn (i did get their take-out curry a while back though and it was just okay), but my chicken with veggies on glass noodles dish was almost too bland. dave ordered some vegetarian cashew dish that was "meh." the saddest thing though was that he ordered a thai iced tea, a normally fabulous beverage, and it was SO not okay. instead of a chilled smokey tea with cream, it was like a creamy fruit juice. icky. at least we had good company for the evening, and it was nice to get out of the house. the weather was just a bit too dramatic today, i hope we see some sunshine sometime soon.

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