02 February 2010

Physiotherapy assessment

had my physiotherapy appt today for my pelvis.

reviewed my issue with the lady and she checked me out. she said the good thing was that all my joints are moving symmetrically together so at least i am not overly irritating just one side. she also mentioned that all the actions and stretches ive been doing to try and combat the issue myself have been good, now we need to add to that.

the area she found i need to work on is my lower abs. in some kind of cruel joke, i have to try and strengthen that area, in my third trimester. ugh. apparently the pelvis joint is quite vulnerable. its like the one joint area in the body that has no direct protection from a muscle and so if something is wrong with that area, its not like other joints where you can strength train a series of muscles around the area and get relief. even with this ab work i am only likely to make things better, not gone. thats fine i guess, better is good.

basically my ab issue is that during pregnancy the sheet of ab muscles (the ones that make the 6 pack) get stretched...duh. for some people this stretching gets to the point where the mid-line starts separating. there are varying degrees of severity during pregnancy and varying levels of post-pregnancy recovery. for me, she said my upper and middle abs are good, but my lower abs are coming apart, they arent yet at the stage where she would call it diastasis (the medical term for the separation) but that is why i need to do the exercises. plus, she said monster is riding kinda low, and maybe the exercises will encourage monster to move up a bit and take some more pressure off my pelvis.

(medical diagram of the problem)

so it was a helpful appointment and hopefully the exercises will work to provide some relief.

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