11 February 2010

No nippy the tippy

picked up an interesting tidbit at the prenatal gathering tonight...about circumcision.

so, boobs had their day in the sun and now the wang gets some exposure. since something like 75% of our group is having a boy, there was much chatter about all things male. one thing i tuned in to was the topic of circumcision (why not, how fascinating?). apparently, in general, its not very common for boys/men to be circumcised in canada.

this perhaps is a result of several things, but, notably, "non-therapeutic male neonatal circumcision" is not covered by the public medicare system in any of the canadian provinces. while in the hospital, no new mother is asked if she would like her son to have the procedure. if, however, you want it for personal or religious reasons you can request it and they will do it (at your cost). interesting and good to know.

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