18 February 2010

Nessie news - 29 weeks

29 weeks. gettin there.

dr appt:
gained 1.5 pounds. yay. my blood pressure was 105/62. urine was fine. baby heartbeat was fine. we talked about getting booked for the "birth pre-admission clinic" at the hospital (to get pre-registered so you dont have to do much when you come in actually in labor). i also asked about pediatricians for monster. since i dont have any other doctor here, it is possible that my doctor will take me (and monster) as her patients after i deliver. otherwise, some people just get referred to her during pregnancy and go back to their regular doctor after the baby is born.

1. glucose test(s). so, i had my first glucose blood draw at the hospital. you have 5 minutes to drink 10 fl oz of some nasty orange pop (containing 50g of glucose). then, you wait an hour and get your blood drawn to see how you metabolized it. while there, i heard a "code blue" announcement that was going on in a maternity room. having my handy hospital system worker badge i was able to look up what this meant...cardiac arrest. scary. i hope everything turned out okay.

anyway, i ending up failing this first glucose test (had a level of like 9.3 when the maximum "normal" amount was 7.8). this meant i had to go in to my doctor for a consultation and a new appointment for another test. a fasting glucose test appt.

arrived at my fasting glucose test appointment some days later at 8a. first you get your finger poked and they squeeze puddles of blood into a tube. painful. then they put a drop on a test strip and get an initial glucose level (i started at a good level of 3.8). then you have to drink another bottle of orange pop (75g of glucose this time. you have 10 minutes to drink it. on an empty stomach. in the morning. if you barf, you have to go home and try another day). then you sit around and get your blood drawn at one hour and two hours. the only fun part of the experience was that they gave me a yellow newborn hat for monster. cute. not so good part: while waiting those two hours, i heard another "code blue" going on in the eye clinic. :(

results: i passed! my one hour level was apparently one value away from "abnormal," but i did pass. no gestational diabetes. phew!

(dave and the tiny newborn cap we got from the hospital)

2. dave baby dream. dave rarely remembers his dreams, but he was able to retain snippets of his first baby dream after he woke up recently: we came home from the hospital as a family and i was immediately back to normal (not tired, not sore, full of energy, etc). we apparently hadnt found out the sex of the baby at the hospital, so when we got home we checked it out and saw that it was a girl. the baby was very calm, and dave remembers thinking “wow, the baby isnt as fussy as i was expecting.” the end...dare to dream. lol.

3. monster video. thought i might get the hang of using the video mode on the camera, and with the power punches from within, i thought there might be something entertaining to catch if i trained the lens on my belly. unfortunately, monster seems to be camera shy and saves the best activity for when my belly is covered by my shirt, but i caught a few seconds of a mild session. here is a sample video:

(only about 30 seconds long and most of the "action" is over at around 20 seconds. i didnt say anything, so you wont be missing anything if your sound is off.)


Mary Ann said...

There's a baby in there! And I heard the sound of tinkling Asian-type music! Soothing. Like in a spa.

Georgette said...

Oh shit, I love it! That belly video is awesome!

And, no gestational diabetes - I told ya so ;) Very happy for you.

Jody said...

If that is a mild session, I can't imagine what's going on when Monster is active. That was so cool! I vote for more video.

Kim said...

That video is the best. Don't know to laugh or cry. Very cool!

Susan said...

Makes me want to hold that little bundle of joy!! The monster is kicking to be free and see the world. How absolutely adorable. Good job you two. Keep the videos coming.

Trav said...

amazing. i squealed. i laughed. i freaked out a little about extremely active sessions. tony says "cool." i think he thinks that dave's baby dream will be our reality...

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! That is crazy!! Love it!