04 February 2010

Nessie news - 27 weeks

27 weeks. we are now viable, and done with the second trimester! feels like it took forever, but the part where i have felt comfortable seems like it has gone too quickly. we'll see how long the final trimester feels.

(z bump; developmental cross-section)

dr appt:
gained only 3 pounds!! good blood pressure (95/65). urine was fine. babys heartbeat was good. got the paperwork for the blood test for: hemoglobin (iron levels), Rh factor (to make sure my body doesnt attack the baby. more important for pregnancies after the first one.), and the gestational diabetes glucose test. asked for and got a referral to hypnotherapy. someone in the prenatal group mentioned this. its free with this referral and hopefully the guy can give me some relaxation techniques or visualizations for labor. i figured it wouldnt hurt to check it out. ive been happy with my other referrals so far. and, now i graduate to doctor visits every 2 weeks. moving along!

symptom update:
1. monster movements. NUMEROUS! id say measuring when the kid isnt moving is more useful at this point. since my last dr visit, i had maybe one or two days where monster wasnt moving as much as normal, and i was like, come on, dont scare your mom, get active! be careful what you wish for! favorite active times: right before i go to bed and before i want to wake up. oh, and while im peeing. its really fun to be performing a bodily function and get kicked at the same time. movements no longer feel like the blind fish in a fish bowl, they feel like fireworks. or, well, they did until recently. now i can actually feel body parts jutting out. sometimes it feels like monster is pushing off one side of my hip bone and making impact on the other side of my belly button. and some mornings, the jabs are getting dangerously close to my ribs. joy. plus, one of the websites mentioned "tiny rhythmic movements" as being baby hiccups. all kinds of action going on!

2. in general, im still feeling pretty good. i have a slightly higher frequency of difficult-to-sleep nights, but i expect that. during the day, i can still do everything, sometimes occasionally forgetting im pregnant. there is difficulty getting socks on though. and while walking to work i still find i have plenty of energy, but sometimes i notice its harder to heft my weight up the hill as quickly or easily as i would like. so, im slowing down. we'll see how much i waddle toward the end.

3. oops, i peed. okay, heres a good one. so in the first trimester the hormones are wacking everything out and occasionally i would get caught off guard and sneeze and...yeah, i peed a little. fabulous. that makes me feel attractive. bladder control is something you dont think about until you have issues with it. luckily, the lack of control went away and for many weeks i was normal again. now with this added weight, im back to having sneezes catch me off guard and...pee. awesome. shall i buy Depends? how poetic, a woman wearing diapers gives birth to a newborn who requires diapers, who grows up to be an old person who may die wearing diapers. diapers in all major milestones of life...

4. baby dream. again just one dream in the past month. in this one, i had a baby girl and we took her on vacation (by "we" i mean myself and my hubby, my freshman high school crush named dustin...swoon, he looked like jake ryan). we were carrying her around in her car seat. we had a long way to go. at some point i noticed that she had spit up all over. when we finally arrived at our destination, i changed her and started feeding her. she spit up again. i noticed that she had somehow swallowed a pacifier. without thinking about it, i frantically reached into her mouth and started grabbing it and gouging her mouth to get it out. she puked a lot because i was making her gag, but i finally got it out. i cleaned her up and fed her again and let her nap. the end.

5. symptoms i havent had, yet. i mention these not to brag, but to take note. i wonder how many will show up in the final months. time will tell. thus far, i have not: vomited, had bad acne, formed a linea nigra (the brown central line many women get down their bellies) or a "pregnancy mask", developed stretch marks, experienced leaky boobs, been constipated, had to deal with hemorrhoids, or seen an enlargement in the early spider/varicose veins i had pre-pregnancy. and who says pregnancy isnt sexy?

1. i wanted to point out that even the minor changes the nutritionist suggested for me took a week to adjust to. i had to modify a few snack items and monitor the clock a little better for when i was eating. that was about it. but to adjust meant i had to think about it on a conscious level, and i discovered that having to think about food with a set of rules sucks (i can now assume this is how many dieters feel). you are forced to have food on the brain, but with restrictions. in defiance, it seemed, my brain and body were like "eat, eat, eat. come on you can cheat. you are hungry, hungry, hungry!" but i stuck with it and in a little less than a week, my body had adjusted to the new food expectations and i am fine. i am not always thinking about it, and better yet, i am not always feeling hungry!

2. so, last weekend we got some shelves for the apartment to make better use of our space and make room for some of monsters new things. this was motivated by the fact that the stroller arrived! we did end up getting the urban mountain buggy. tried to find it used, but no one had it or anything else to our liking available. but we were able to find a store in quebec selling discounted brand new strollers with free shipping. only thing was that they are two year old models. but who cares, they are still a solid product made in new zealand. and it was like $200 off. plus, the lady threw in the additional newborn baby carrying cot stroller attachment for like $150 off. good stuff. monster is totally decked out now. and it seems really easy to use. out of the box we put the tires on and the thing was good to go. we taught ourselves all the features and even switched the regular seat out for the carry cot and back to the regular seat, getting everything down pat in less than an hour.

(monsters pimp ride)

3. if i havent mentioned it before, i will mention now that monster is a future canadian citizen...who will then also obtain american citizenship. i was able to get all the confirmed details from governmental friend extraordinaire, ntina. :) for canadas purposes, monster will be born here and instantly be a canadian. a canadian birth certificate will be available with which i will be able to apply for american citizenship and an american passport at the same time (and who says government always does things inefficiently?). this however must be done in person, with monster...ah, theres the catch.

since we will be crossing the border with monster approximately 2 months after he/she is born (for the celini/travis wedding!), we will need some ID in a timely fashion. it is possible that the u.s. side of things could be speedy enough to get us monsters american documentation, but i have been told that it shouldnt be a problem to enter the u.s. with a baby with a canadian birth certificate even if both parents have u.s. passports. since our names will be listed as the parents, i guess they will not then freak out that we are stealing a kid (apparently we could also get something called the "consular report of birth abroad" which under the western hemisphere travel initiative [WHTI] is as good as a birth certificate). so it seems like we will be fine. im glad i had the answers "verified by experts" though. :)

another piece of info: "beginning june 1, 2009, u.s. and canadian citizen children under age 16 arriving by land or sea from contiguous territory may also present an original or copy of his or her birth certificate, a consular report of birth abroad, a naturalization certificate, or a canadian citizenship card."

celebrity corner:
1. model claudia schiffer is due in may with her third child.

2. actress sarah chalke recently had her son, but i read a short article on her pregnancy and she sounds down-to-earth and somewhat similar to me. its nice to know a few actor-types seem semi-sane.


Jody said...

yay for a viable monster!

I am curious about this hypnotherapy thing. Are you going to actually be hypnotized??

lotus said...

i shall report on the hypno stuff when the sessions (3) are done. ;) im actually learning a lot about it from the other moms, reading, and from the referral guy. its actually a self-relaxation thing, apparently even lamaze is in the hypno category. its all about taking your mind off of something and focusing on relaxing.

Trav said...

yay for official word on future fellow canadian citizen! poo on the problematic documentation for my future fellow canadian citizen. hopefully you can do the birth cert and passport thing easily. otherwise, order doubles on the baby passport photo so i can have some!