20 February 2010

I-ssa[y] that ma'noosh is good

ate at issas saj house lebanese restaurant again.

we ate here several weekends ago before we went bowling and got our falafel and hummus taster staples. once we "approved" of the restaurant based on these dishes, we wanted to come back for another try at the menu. in particular, i wanted to try the ma'nooshs that they said they were known for. its basically just a simple flat bread with a multitude of potential toppings.

i chose the chicken and cheese ma'noosh (djaj jibni on the menu). it was right up my alley, basically a fabulous pizza without the tomato sauce. the bread dough was perfect (soft, not too thin but still had crisp on the edges), it wasnt swimming in cheese oil, and the chicken was basic but had a great marinade (or was at least spiced and grilled well). yum yum. and it turned out to be plenty filling.

dave ordered the vegetarian platter. what a deal. it was like $11 and he got 2 falafel patties, 3 vegetarian grape leaves, hummus, tabbouli, mjadara rice, tahini sauce, pita slices, and a spinach fatayer. every single item on the platter was yum. i even found the tabbouli to be edible (i normally cant handle that much parsley. and dont get me started on tomatoes).

it may pain my mediterranean food loving friends to know that there are two things we just started eating since weve been in halifax: veggie grape leaves and spinach fatayers. i cant explain this. first, ive had spanakopita many times but thats spinach with phyllo dough, not turnover-type dough. i love spinach in every baked form so now i add the fatayer to the pile. and as for grape leaves, i dont know what my issue was. i never knew they would taste so good, so, when presented with a mountain of other yummies, i never went for it. my loss. but now i am converted!

(my chicken ma'noosh; daves veggie platter)

anyway, we had a tasty time but we were so full we didnt have room to try one of the yogurt and honey (or nutella and banana) ma'nooshs. darn...i guess we will just have to come back another time... :)


Georgette said...

Next time you are in town for a lengthy amount of time, I will have you over and make you all these favorites. I can teach you to make grape leaves - not hard at all!

amw said...

yay! excitement. i had heard you talk of your grape leaves for years and figured i wasnt missing much. oh how wrong i can be! and any other dishes you want to teach me will be much appreciated by my future self and tummy. :) love ya.