23 February 2010

FASCC 4 - sushi nami

sushi club met again.

this time four of us ate at sushi nami royale. matthias ordered his typical nigiri and maki menagerie and rajesh (our newer addition) ordered the "donburi mono unaju" (basically a rice bowl with bbq eel) and the "yaki-nasu" appetizer (grilled eggplant topped with sweet miso sauce). he liked both of his dishes.

for us, dave ordered the "deluxe maki dinner" (22 pcs maki: 4 black dragon, 4 gold dragon, 3 california, 3 spicy salmon, 3 tuna & 6 yam tempura roll pieces) and i ordered the vegetable soba, again. and i think im done ordering it. ive had SO much better back in michigan that it makes me sad. the soba at this place came with lettuce and green and red peppers as some of the choice veggies. nope. the peppers are not japanese and their strong flavor fouled up the whole taste of the broth. plus, lettuce in soup is just gross when its all limp. ick. and, while daves maki platter was okay, we are both burning out on the local sushi options. nothing is even coming close to our favorite spot here. i mean, i would think a few places would have something that they did well enough to stand out as worthwhile to come back for, but really no.
(daves maki platter)

so, since we will likely be switching the club up to involve other ethnic foods, i thought i might mention the quirky menu item weve seen everywhere in town. each sushi place so far has had "sushi pizza" on its menu. total white person cuisine infiltration. this seems totally wrong, though ive been mildly tempted to try it...just to say i have. here is the menu description: lightly breaded & deep fried sushi rice with a topping baked with creamy cheese sauce (topping choices: bbq eel, salmon, tuna, chicken). we routinely hear people ordering this and the one time i asked our waitress about it she raved about it. hmmm, im not convinced.

another sushi oddity, dave came across this little internet game called sushi cat. its kinda like PLINKO but you drop a cat down the gauntlet and its eats up pieces of sushi to become "full" and advance to the next level...the graphics are really cute.

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Mary Ann said...

Okay. I'm not an idiot. Will somebody tell me how to play that stupid sushi cat game? I don't even LIKE these games. But I can't figure it out!!!