09 February 2010

FASCC 3 - minato sushi

our sushi club has grown!

this week we ("we" i guess technically being dave and matthias) added another american and an indian to our group. this time we chose minato sushi. they actually have one of the few korean menus in town, along with their sushi. after noting that the cost of my normal yam tempura roll was $11 (!) i decided to try a different dinner option. i actually ended up picking a korean soup (i think it was called "man du duk") which was a vegetable soup with an egg, dumplings, and rice. i ended up eating everything in front of me, so it was pretty good. it did leave me feeling like i normally do after chinese wonton soup though...kinda like the broth was too salty/greasy for how healthy the dish seems.

(my soup. the snotty looking stuff is the egg. appetizing right?)

as for dave, he couldnt make up his mind and was also tempted by the korean menu. he did get a sushi hybrid though, as he ended up with a korean sashimi salad. so he got slices of sushi grade tunas and salmon. to get his eel fix, he did order a bbq eel roll as well (forgetting to omit the nasty cucumbers). he was rather underwhelmed with his food and the freshness of the sushi. nothing can compare to the clubs unofficial "first time": he and matthias continually put doraku on the pedestal (which i agree with, but its funny how there is always mention of doraku after the meal).

as for the others are the table, matthias ordered his typical nigiri, sashimi menagerie. while the newcomers mixed things up: one ordered a mini matthias menagerie (as im now calling it) with a side of kimchi (spicy korean cabbage). the other person ordered the yummy korean dish of bi bim bap. it came in a hot stone bowl with the raw egg on top. once you poked the egg and mixed the bowl up everything was cooked together. fun and tasty (try some back home in ann arbor at the random Kosmo diner counter in kerrytown)!

(matthias menagerie platter; bi bim bap before the egg is poked and cooked)

anyway, the growing group is nice because there was talk of other cuisines. since we only have about 5 more sushi places in town to hit up, perhaps we will get a chance to branch out to other food types. such a great way to learn. even if you dont get to sample other peoples dishes you still get to see what is out there and if they liked it and why, so you can teach yourself about other food options and have the courage to try something different next time.

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