03 February 2010

Delectable dining and dirty laundry

tonight we mixed fancy and ordinary in a whirlwind 2.5 hours.

dilemma: dave got home from work too tired to cook anything major. we needed to hit the laundromat tonight but we needed food first. we knew we wanted to do a "dine out" week restaurant for dinner one night this week, but if we ate out tonight, then we would be eating out again a couple days later...what to do...

solution: we ended up hurriedly bundling the laundry together and driving down to our dine out week restaurant of choice, the five fishermen. its the established fancy seafood joint in town that students take their parents to for special occasions. it routinely wins "best seafood" honors and they had a delectable $40 per person prix fixe menu (which is way more affordable than most of the stuff on their regular menu). we thought now was the best, if not only, time to try the place.

being a tuesday night meant i wasnt worried about not having reservations. we arrived and were seated in a beautiful historic-looking room with brick walls, dark wood tables and booths, shiny metal handrails, and white tablecloths. so far so good.

since we had perused the menu before, we were able to order right away, which helped save us time and also served to show our waitress that we were freaks. the first course was the same for both of us, their mussels and salad bar. the restaurant has a devoted space to this first course that is offered with every one of their entrees. granite counter tops envelope a boatload of salad types: corn salad, bulgar salad, cous cous salad, greek salad, potato salad, fruit salad, mixed greens with dressing options and additional sides of olives, artichokes, tomatoes. and im sure theres more but you get the idea. plus, theres a separate area for the mussel bar.

i had a yummy taster plate of a variety of salads while dave made a small plate of simple mixed greens and olives...saving stomach room for the mussel bar. with your mussel pile you could choose from 4 different sauces. dave chose the red pepper sauce. upon eating his appetizer, he declared he finally had had some decent mussels since leaving europe.

our main course was the driver for why i wanted to come; however, oddly enough, neither of us ordered seafood. i ordered the "bison tenderloin wellington with wild mushroom duxelle, creamy mashed potatoes and dragons breath cream sauce." it was really good and just what i wanted, something wrapped in a puff pastry. :) i couldnt finish it all though because monster now rules how much dense food i can intake at any one time. dave paired his glass of nova scotian white wine (a '06 sigfried from sainte-famille wines) with the "moroccan spiced nova scotia lamb rack served with israeli couscous and sweet potato scented with cumin & coriander" (btw, the lamb with white wine pairing was the waitress' suggestion). the spices of his dish were fantastic, which explains why he scraped his plate clean.

(my bison wellington plate; daves lamb couscous plate)

to top off our tummies, i got the raspberry pot de crème with coconut macaroon dessert and dave got the simple but tasty double chocolate brownie sundae. neither choice was too sweet and both were great. yay, meal success! we hurriedly paid (we spent less than 1.5 hours there) and got to the laundromat in time to do all four loads before they closed. im glad we got both tasks accomplished, but i would have enjoyed a slower meal.

i am not sure how likely we are to get back, seeing as how regular entrees alone are between $35-60, but the waitress did say (after i asked) that you can come in and just do the salad and mussel bar for $19 (this is not listed on their menu). i also heard mention of some lobster mashed potatoes...i wonder if they would sell those to me as a side...dare to dream. but, round one of dine out week was a hit. so im happy. :)

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