01 March 2010

Closing ceremony bookends a great first decade

the olympics have come to an end and so has my first decade spent with dave.

oddly enough, i just realized that there was something seriously poetic about the 2010 winter olympics being in vancouver. dave and i first met, serendipitously, while on spring break in vancouver in 2000 (although, in retrospect, if he had just shown up to "intro to biology" lecture once in a while, we might have met there as well).

the university of michigan ski club organizes a great spring break trip each year (we went the following year to lake tahoe) and my freshman year they happened to be going to vancouver. i had fallen in love with whistler/blackcomb the previous year when i went for my high school senior spring break with my friend (then boyfriend) phil and his family. the city of vancouver, with its romantic fog and proximity to water, the beautiful drive up to the ski mountains nearby, and the amazing snow conditions and variety of trails offered were just so captivating. when i saw u of m offering a trip back there, i wanted to get on board. and luckily, at the last minute, encouraged by our moms who worked together, an acquaintance and i decided to go (dave also made the decision to go on the trip last-minute).

so, spring break comes, we fly as a group out and take a huge charter bus to the mountain. in the hotel lobby they read off the roster of people staying in each of the 6 person rooms. randomly, me and my friend, dave, and 3 other unknowns all end up in the same room. as my friend and i are underage (even by canadas drinking age limit of 19) we opt to just stay in and sleep after the long day of travel. dave goes out with the rest and also ends up being the first annoying one up in the morning, hitting the slopes super early after a phone call that woke us up...yeah, i wasnt so impressed.

after the first day of skiing, our room full of randoms actually decided to be friendly and go to dinner together in the ski village. on the way back from dinner, dave, the genius of the group, decided to steer us on a path home that looked like a sure-fire "shortcut," which of course took us through an open area of knee deep snow, across a ditch and ducking under tree limbs. wise. very wise man.

after the next day of skiing, i was sore. when we were back at the condo, i suggested a trip to the hot tub for all who were in the room (my friend, dave, and another female roommate). the girls went, dave declined. thats fine. be that way, no skin off my nose. back in the room for the night, i guess dave didnt have any socializing plans because he ended up watching tv and playing euchre with the three of us girls. and thus began the path into history...

somehow i charmed him (its still a mystery to me, though he claims it was my brash opinions and stubbornness that sparked his interest. so, let that be a lesson to you girls. you can catch flies with vinegar), and he chose to ski with us for the rest of the trip, and eat with us, and hang out with us at night. now, im a self-taught fairly adventurous skier (within my small capacity to be so) but i by no means have any style or speed. i got into ski vacations for the gorgeous scenery, the enjoyment of exercising among the beauty of the snow, and for the fun of being somewhere new and exploring nature in the alpines. i dont pretend anything more. dave was a ski racer from childhood, so he always managed to beat us girls down the mountain (even if he took a much more difficult trail) and after a while began to call me pokey (as in the poky little puppy). it was meant in the spirit of those early flirty/teasing days of a relationship, but the name has stuck, as many of you know.

(some of my surviving scanned pictures from back in the day: a foggy scene of the mountains [many of these same weather conditions were seen during the olympics]; me on the backside of foggy blackcomb mountain by some scary, icy double black diamond chute that dave went down; dave waiting for us on a whistler mountain trail while enjoying the scenery; our nightly euchre table of kara [who you cant see], dave [yes, daves face was really once that full. amazing what pizza, beer, and no exercise can do to a person. ;)], krista [my friend], and i; our daily ski crew of dave, kara, krista, and i)

anyway, by the end of the trip we were inseparable (and i guess you can say we have been ever since). i emailed him when we got back home and saw each other both in class and out (i think it was intro to biology and orgo we had together). spring break occurred during that final week of february 2000, and, to bring myself to the point on this entry, the 2010 olympic games were held in vancouver...during the latter weeks of february 2010. its been ten years (10 years!) and it seems remarkably lucky to find ourselves where we are. still together. living in canada (granted, on the opposite coast from vancouver) while watching and cheering on the winter athletes in the place where we met. ten years seems so long, but feels like it went so fast. looking forward to the next ten...and the next...and the next...


Mary Ann said...

How romantic! I could read this story again and again. Isn't it amazing how two people meet and ten years later they are still happy and sharing their mutual adventure? I hope you both know how lucky you are.

Georgette said...

OMG I love this story. I can't belive you JUST saw the connection between the olympics in Vancouver and when you guys met. While watching the olympics everytime I the announcers were talking about the mountains (whistler, blacomb,etc) I kept remembering our fishies that we had at west quad. Remember your "love children"? :)

amw said...

well, i liked the olympics being in vancouver because we had met there, but then remembering that it was pretty much EXACTLY 10 years ago, down to the week was pretty cool.

and funny about the fish. i do remember those guys. lol.

nlk731 said...

I think I most clearly remember Kurt trying to "pet" the fish.