30 January 2010

Thrilling theater

in an attempt to try something new around town, dave and i went to a dinner theater.

it was wicked ice-blasting windy on the short walk to the theater, so much so that i almost wanted to turn around and stay home. but, i had a date with michael jackson. we were going to see "off the wall" performed at the grafton street dinner theater. the "play" was about a bunch of mental patients being treated with music therapy...all michael jackson tunes to be exact. it seemed like an appropriate thing to check out in the winter, when other activities arent happening.

anyway, we arrived and waited in the lobby area to be ushered into "the room." the waiters/actors came out to the lobby in character and helped us get seated at our assigned tables. our waiters were the actors and they stayed in character all night. our person was actually fairly normal, she only had an imaginary friend. the soup course was served and eaten and then cleared before they began the real "play." it was a meager plot that relied mostly on the quirky characters (the hyperactive north dakotan woman was the best) and the random interjections of songs from the king of pop.

i figured it wouldnt be anything tony award winning, so i was mostly in it for a night of food, general amusement, and music. i was particularly interested to see if monster would react to the music. for the most part, during the songs monster laid low, moving around during the quiet times. however, toward the end of the night, the group sang happy birthday to a woman at our table and monster liked that (not sure if that means monster wants to come out soon and have a birthday or if monster was just being polite and playing along). also, one of the later songs the group did was "smooth criminal" and, you guessed it, monster enjoyed this one too. im frightened by what that means...

(i think this was during "smooth criminal"; and this was "thriller")

so, overall, the "play" itself was "meh" but the characters were good and the energy in the room was fun. none of the diners were taking themselves too seriously when the characters would come up to them and do something weird. the young couple who sat at our table were nice as well. but the food was very average. like banquet hall wedding food. but again, i wasnt expecting culinary wizardry. basically, we had a good time on an ugly winter night, so that was great. the price was a little painful ($120 total with tax, tip, and drinks), but it wouldnt stop me from trying the other dinner theater in town (yes, there is another one if you can believe it).

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