10 January 2010

Stew sunday

stayed close to home today.

for lunch dave made a recipe i found called "spicy lentil stew." we couldnt find the specific sausage they mentioned so we used hot italian sausage (a pork variety, not chicken of course). it was very tasty though. good job dave! :)

(the stew. i cant decide if this would look gross to someone who didnt get to try it. but it really was good.)

at some point between lunch and dinner we went for a chilly walk along the harbor front. tourist areas in the off-season are weird. plus it was sunday, so it was even more quiet than normal. we decided to stop off at the hart and thistle gastropub & brewery to sit by the water and let dave try some of their beers.

(me by the harbor. georges island in the background; tugboats!)

so the brewery was deserted because it was sunday, off hours, and in the heart of tourist land, but the place was pretty cool. dave really enjoyed the beers, the building is right on the water (im sure you can sit outside in the summer), the inside feels like a luxury cabin and brewpub, and the menu actually looks like something worthy of the "gastro" part of their name. after our good experience there we were left wondering why it was located in tourist land. those people will eat or drink anything, why bother with quality and ambiance when youve already got the waterfront and convenience? ah well, at least it ensures them business and thus a higher probability of sticking around.

(dave and his porter at hart & thistle)

also, while at the brewery, i happened to grab a flyer that mentioned halifaxs upcoming "dine out week." yes! i was so jealous when my friend sarah reported that ann arbor was having their restaurant week coming up, and now we get to have our own version here!


Dave said...

The Hart and Thistle seems pretty dead in the winter. I should probably hang out over there to make sure they don't go under...

Gary said...

I loved reading your blog. You provide lots of info for family and friends.
By the way, my friend, Steve Williams, is a dual citizen of Canada and the US. He hates the U.S. healthcare system and can't understand why the American media keeps trashing the Canadian system which he believes is far superior to ours.
XX Uncle Gary