01 February 2010

Sloppy soupy bang bang

soup sundays took a turn for the worse today.

dave was in the kitchen preparing my next mouthwatering soup selection: red lentil soup with lime and spinach. during early preparations, the heavenly scents wafting out of the kitchen were getting me excited. and then came time for the blender part...and it all went downhill from there...

dave puts part of the soup in the blender. dave turns blender on. dave gets hot soup blown all over his arm, and then some. see me come into the kitchen. see me tell dave to get his arm under cold water while i survey the scene...it looks like a troop of babies got in my kitchen and projectile vomited all over everything. lentil soup is all over the counter, the stove, the wall, the floor, and dave is splatter painted in it. this crap stains so i got to work immediately wiping up as much as i could as fast as i could. dave is cursing at himself and despising the food. but, 10-15 minutes later things are cleaned up and i am still hopeful. the smell of lentils and cilantro are winning me over.

dave tries the blender step again. this time with less soup. blender goes on. then off. i hear swearing. i come back in. i point to the sink to deal with his arm again and i get to work cleaning the same shit i just cleaned 15 minutes ago. somehow i dont freak out or yell. if i had had the presence of mind, i would have taken a picture. but this was a serious situation and i was focused. miraculously, i got the kitchen back to almost normal (although, when they have to move that stove out one day...ew). in the end, we ordered pizza and dave didnt punch a hole through the wall. id say things didnt turn out as bad as they could have. i still really want that soup. but i think the lesson learned is: buy a stick blender.

after pizza, i sent dave out to the hart and thistle brewery for beer trivia night. he needed to drown his sorrows with the geology folk and i needed to rest. they won two free rounds of beer though, so he really did benefit from going!

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