04 January 2010

Saege advice for weathering storms

a storm to ring in the new year.

dave and i got up new years day to read this report on the halifax weather site:
*Storm Surge Warning : Halifax Metro and Halifax County West*
"A Cape Hatteras low pressure system is forecast to track northeastward to lie south of Nova Scotia by Saturday morning. During the day Saturday this system is expected to rapidly deepen into a very intense winter storm. Current guidance has it curving northwestward and stalling near Southwest Nova Scotia Saturday night. Snow from this system will spread across the province from the south during the day Saturday. There is a risk of freezing rain along the Atlantic coast during the afternoon. The snow is forecast to change over to rain later Saturday evening over most districts as warm Atlantic air invades the province. However between 15 and 35 centimetres can be expected before the changeover. A further 10 to 20 millimetres of rain can be expected over most regions later Saturday night. Very strong easterly winds are expected to develop later Saturday..Particularly along the Atlantic coast where gusts of 110 kilometres or higher are likely. This will cause reduced visibilities in blowing snow early in the evening before temperatures climb above the freezing mark. Les Suetes winds gusting to 160 km/h are expected to develop in the Lee of the Highlands Saturday night. The combination of very strong winds high tides, large pounding waves and low atmospheric pressure could lead to coastal flooding and damage to infrastructure near the Atlantic shoreline Saturday evening and overnight."
so, we had arrived in town new years eve night, no way were we grocery shopping then, and stores are closed new years day. we had relied on getting food by january 2 but this weather made it seem nearly impossible. but we tried.

we set our alarm for 9a on january 2 so we could at least get out during the snowy part of the storm and hope to avoid the freezing rain and higher winds. i put on my snow pants (they barely fit), winter jacket, snow boots, hat and gloves and we trudged around the hilly sidewalks to both grocery stores near us. i was well-equipped for the weather, so it was kinda fun to be out during the snow fall. the cars looked like they were having a less fun time.

anyway, once we got our food supply we were in for the day. the snow piled up, then the wind came, and then we heard pellets clacking at the windows. nasty, and i was glad we had gotten up and ran errands early.

now, dave did have a scheduled indoor ultimate frisbee game that evening (at like 6p) that was still supposedly going to occur. after holiday eating and no exercise for too long he was like a caged monkey, in need to getting out. he figured that things had been raining for long enough by the time he had to head out to his game to make conditions decent for driving. nope. he got stuck at the bottom of our parking lot and spun out for 20 minutes before coming back inside. i had to get bundled up to steer while he pushed the car back in place. the rain was coming down and the wind was whipping it in your face. super fun. but somehow we got the car back in its spot and got back inside. both of us had to change into completely different clothes because we were soaked (dave more than me of course because he was actually outside pushing the car).

and then we were in for the night. at some point the rain and wind stopped and in the morning things were calm and they seemed to have gotten a handle on the roads. the storm hadnt knocked out power for us and our part of town had faired well. other parts of nova scotia were not so lucky.

after being cooped up all saturday we wanted to get out and at least do a little something. so, brunch and laundry it was! we decided to go to the popular saege restaurant. the place has a nice ambiance and always seems to be super busy, reservations seem like a wise thing. we ordered a smoothie to share and i got an olive and mushroom omelet with potatoes to off-set daves berry waffles with spiced chantilly cream.

(daves waffles)

the food ended up being good, but nothing special. it was nice to get out after the storm and have a breakfast meal rather than a heavy dinner meal. so in the end i think it was well worth it. plus, random occurrence, we bumped into the young couple we had sat next to and chatted with at the halifax french speakers meet-up back in november.

actually, they had seen us and recognized us and came over. it was funny because back in november, the guy had been growing his mustache for prostate cancer and now he had it shaved off, plus he was carrying his 4 month old son, and his wife had chopped her long hair off. we were totally at odds to figure out who they were at first. we soon figured it out and explained the confusion which they totally understood. it was nice of them to come over and say hi and that they hoped to see us at future french meet-ups.

anyway, i think we weathered that storm fairly well: got out on foot early to get supplies, stayed in during the bad parts, dave learned a valuable lesson about attempting to drive during said "bad parts," stayed warm and safe, crawled out of our cave post-storm for some light food and human interaction.


Trav said...

Wow...Crazy! I love how you can report blizzard conditions and seamlessly transition to breakfast food reporting!

lotus said...

all things revolve around food... :)

Dave said...

I'm glad you toned down how pissed I was about not being able to get the car up the tiny hill in our parking lot (although some of your readers might have been amused at the level of profanity that parking lot evoked). I've driven in plenty of crappy conditions in MI before, but that wet snow/freezing rain/rain/slush combo was insane. In fact, I'd call it abominable. Thanks for helping me get the car back into the spot. I was envisioning leaving it for dead, wedged against the dumpster at the bottom of the hill.