07 January 2010

Nessie news - 23 weeks

23 weeks. 4 months to go. im at the point where i look pregnant, but im not a whale. this might be a nice place to linger for a while...

(the belly; a cross-sectional rendering of what my insides look like at 23 weeks. from here on out these drawings get pretty interesting so i'll include them. it never ceases to amuse me when i see the huge growing baby sitting right on top of the bladder...great design...)

dr appt update: a few items. first, the ultrasound report looked good, she did mention that the measurements suggest that monster is one week larger than originally calculated (so, monster could actually be 24 weeks large and could come at the end of april). of course, these measurements for size prediction from ultrasound are notoriously wrong, plus the doctor remarked that, "babies come when they want anyway." second, i mentioned my pelvis soreness again and she said i could buy a pregnancy brace to stabilize the pelvis and reduce back pain. these are mostly used in later pregnancy. i still hope i dont have to go there. next, vitals: normal urine, my blood pressure was good at 110/58, and monsters heart was at 140 bpm.

lastly, what was so NOT cool that i had a mini meltdown in the waiting room was my weight. i gained eight f-ing pounds in a month!!!! holiday weight gain is a pile of festering cow dung. the frustrating thing is that i cant even see where the damn pounds have gone. i have a little more in my thighs, butt, and waist area but i can still see the outline of three of my ribs. my doctor was momentarily shocked by the weight gain number (that made me feel great) but when she looked at me and discussed things, she wasnt overly concerned. she said that my body may have just needed to add fat in certain areas where it didnt have much before, that this weight could be appropriate for me, but that a total weight gain of say 60 lbs isnt healthy for anyone. well, no shit, i wanna get off this fat track now! so, she gave me a referral to a gestational nutritionist. i hope she can steer me because im stumped by the fact that i eat similar things that i always have that never caused me to gain weight before pregnancy. and i dont eat chips, pop, fried foods, fast food, or even that much red meat. so, im looking forward to the nutritionist.

symptoms update:
1. monster movements. around the beginning of christmas week monster started moving noticeably and frequently. so far the jabs arent causing pain (i hear that comes later), mostly its just cute. in fact, its been my favorite part of the experience so far (which perhaps isnt saying much because most things so far havent been very fun). brace yourself, but it reminds me of the parts in Breaking Dawn (last book in Twilight series) where bella talked about her 'little nudger.' it is kinda like little nudges. like "hey, hows it going out there? remember me in here?" yes, yes i do. how could i forget?

occasionally dave has been able to feel the movements but typically i call him over, he puts his hand where things have been bumpin for 5 minutes and then...monster stops. dave tries not to get offended (in fact it has been one of the things that spurs him to talk directly to the baby, so its cute) and has actually adopted the belief that he will be able to continue this trend when monster is born. put the fussy kid in his arms and its just going to shut right up. like a sleeper hold, only non-abusive.

so the punches to the belly are painless, but there are 360 degrees of space in there, and the punches to the internal stuff is weirder. not painful, but weird. its like carrying a flexible fish bowl around in your guts with a couple large, active, and blind goldfish inside. and these goldfish frequently bash into the sides of the bowl. this is fine...until my bladder gets bashed. then im not having as much fun.

as for the "soccer player" and kicking references people like to use, i havent really been imagining it that way. it seems more probable to say the kiddo will be a good dancer (although, with us as parents, the odds arent leaning that way), or an avid cycler. sometimes it feels like swim practice and flip turns are going on in there. or perhaps its a girl and shes practicing her elbow jabs and karate chops to fend off potential attackers. i dont know, but two things i havent been thinking about or hoping for is the next david beckham or a place kicker for the detroit lions (although, would there really be someone who wished that on their kid?). bottom line though, its been fun...so far.

(so this is what i was doing the first three days of the new year. graphing the movements of monster. i wasnt militant about it. if i was in bed or out of the apartment, i just tried to make an estimate. clearly i was both bored and nerdily intrigued. deal with it.)

2. leg cramps. i sometimes get these at night. i try to stretch well before bed to avoid them, but occasionally i wake up in pain and dave needs to help me get rid of them. hasnt been too bad so far and i hope to avoid an increase in the future.

3. baby dream. still few and far between. only one again this cycle. i barely remember anything except that we had twin girls. one was named emma and i didnt remember the other ones name. the twins went to some weird daycare. thats it.

4. tightened stomach area/uterus. looked it up, this would be the famed braxton/hicks. they are painless for me (so far), but can be painful for some people. basically it feels like someone is flexing my lower abs for me. sometimes its hard as a rock! i wouldnt mind if this feature stayed after monster comes, i could handle something that makes my stomach tighter. scientifically though, its the uterus practicing contracting, getting ready for its big job in a few months. sweet.

5. hot boobs. and i dont mean attractive. basically ive got these bigger boobs. there are now large highways of blue veins snaking around them just under my skin. these veins contain lots of hot blood. result: i have two globes sitting on my chest mapping rivers of hot lava that constantly emanate heat. touch them and they will almost scald you! global warming is not a myth people. it is very, very real.

miscellaneous notes:
1. baby names from the families. while we were home, my maternal family side suggested the names hali (as in halifax) and nova (as in nova scotia). nova has a ring to it...but if the kid is going to spend any amount of time actually living in nova scotia after birth, i dont think its appropriate. my mom suggested monica (to relate the kid to my favorite show Friends, but since i am the monica character, i dont think that will go well). and the other family names out there i wanted to mention are the names that dave and i were almost named at birth: wolfgang for dave, and either amy or amanda for me. these are not in the running for monster.

2. music to the belly. i caved one night and one night only and put my little headphone/ear buds up to my belly. of course i piped in classical music so as to attempt to jack the kids IQ up. this lasted 15 minutes before i felt like a total fool and stopped. i dont think i can bring myself to do it again. sorry monster you might just be average. because of my actions you might not to get to stay up late doing extra credit math proofs or pine for your first pocket protector. can you ever forgive me?

3. maternity clothes. well, so, the ass and thighs have now made my regular pants uncomfortable to wear, even with the bella band. so, i found two pairs of semi-suitable pants in the maternity section of Target. having worn them, i realize i am also not really ready to fit in to them yet. they make me look and feel kind of fat in fact. they look baggy and tend to slump down and make me feel like im carrying a dump around in my trunks. just what i need to feel attractive...

4. a fear list. i mentioned last time that people tend to have a lot of fears during pregnancy (foods to avoid, exercises to avoid, etc) and it seems to me that many times they have a hard time figuring out what is realistic. on a baby site i go to, i came across this list full of things i didnt even think to be afraid of; some of these people must just be crippled with anxiety. no thanks.

5. dave and the fear of twins. so, dave has been wandering around recently with a mild to moderate fear of having twins. in his sweet little way, he suggested that a logical explanation to my large weight gain could be that i am having twins. then i told him that, in fact, ultrasounds are never 100% at anything: determining the sex of the baby, clearing the baby of birth defects, and determining the number of kids in there. this fueled him further and it was funny to see the hamster turning the wheel in his brain. we would need twice as much baby stuff. he would need to run out and buy a second car seat before we could go home from the hospital, we would need one of those gaudy double strollers...hilarious. he even occasionally drops hints to nutmeg that she might have to prepare herself for two crying invaders. ah good stuff, at least there is some amusement coming out of this weight gain.

celebrity corner:
1. olympic volleyball player kerri walsh is pregnant with her second child

2. also, while she never mentioned a due date or month, it seems from pics that actress amy adams could be due around the same time as me.

*so, it seems my tactic for picking out only the 4.5 to 5 star rated baby prep books from amazon.com is working. each book ive chosen has been useful and to my liking. this includes my current read:

-"Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" by Ina May Gaskin
great book by perhaps the most famous midwife in america. if you get to a point where you are tired of hearing childbirth horror stories or if you have labor fears of your own, youd do well to read this book. first, it provides a large section of real-life positive birth stories (from natural childbirths no less). then, the second part of the book has lots of factual information to help you understand that childbirth is a normal physiological experience, not a condition or a disease. our bodies were built for it, and only a very small number of women are physically/anatomically incapable of giving birth to their babies. it helps gives you lots of confidence and motivation to stick with a plan for natural childbirth (as in my case) but it would also be helpful for someone who pretty much knows they will need/want drugs of some kind. it helps you figure out what you can expect so maybe you can decrease the amount of drugs you take, or it might just give you more confidence that you are choosing something to help you feel more comfortable during labor rather than because you are simply afraid.


Jody said...

I am not surprised that you didn't think to be concerned about the items in that "is it safe" list, because you are not completely WT. Who is asking if they can get a belly button ring, a tattoo or acrylic nails when they are pregnant? Really?

Also, do you think maybe Nessie is really 23 weeks and just huge?

Billiam said...

Yay, just re-read this one 'cause I'm at 23 weeks now! I feel similar to how you did at this point. My next MD appt isn't 'til next week, but I'm a little concerned about weight gain, too, since I gained 5 pounds last month and the doc said he'd be concerned if I gained another 5+ pounds this month. We shall see. Also, I recently read Ina May's Guide, too! Very glad I did.