30 January 2010

Hot air 13 - Mixed media

had a lazy weekend in, in which we found some fun things to share:

-the documentary "anvil! the story of anvil" is about a heavy metal band from toronto who were big in the early/mid 1980s. they had more than their share of hard times but the two main guys have been best friends since they were 14 and are still trying to get back into the lime light. they are pushing 50 years old and are still dedicated. they have the energy and focus to try one last time to see if they can make it in the music world...we watched it and really enjoyed it. they are such considerate canadians that it is hard to believe they are heavy metal guys. but they have a passion and you really wanna follow through and see what will happen to them. it kinda feels like a real life version of the award winning movie "the wrestler" with mickey rourke. or others compare it to "this is spinal tap."

-movie remake of "ice castles." not sure if anyone saw the original 1978 "ice castles" movie about a skilled figure skater who goes blind and has to reteach herself how to skate, but they have remade the movie for direct release to DVD. why should you care? cuz it was filmed in halifax! the original director did the remake so it should be interesting. the DVD comes out february 9 and both are available on netflix. i recommend watching the original first. its actually good, in that cheesy fluffy kind of way. its no "cutting edge," but then again what is...

-recent episode of the tv show "anthony bourdain: no reservations." i know at least a few of my friends watch this show, but in case you arent familiar its a travel channel food show. the host is a chef and all around whiny, loudmouthed, gluttonous booze hound. i dont particularly love the show, but it has value. in this recent season he traveled to brittany (thanks for the tip mary ann)! he actually went to the rennes market! he hung out with famed seafood chef olivier roellinger in cancale! he ate oysters in bélon and had crêpes in quimperlé. we were bedazzled. waves of saliva and nostalgia washed over and i almost teared up. i wanna go back, but i wanna be unpregnant so i can eat all the food! if you cant find a way to catch it again on tv, you can find it on youtube: here is part 1 to get you started (you can click through once you are there to parts 2 - 5).

(yay france maps, to jog your memory. :) stops from the show: marker "A" is rennes, marker "B" is cancale, marker "C" is bélon, and marker "D" is quimperlé)

hodge podge:
-blog to book. i followed a link on my blog set-up area to this cool website that will take your blog (from blogger or other sites) and turn it into a bound book. it was really easy to set-up and it looks like the finished product would be fabulous. i am still contemplating how i want to chop things (life in france, life in halifax pre-monster, life post-monster, etc) but i think i am gonna go with this place to preserve my stories and photos.

-reading corps. facebook has had some benefits rather than just being a total time suck. saw my friend meg posted about a great minnesota reading program. and they have a similar volunteer reading program set-up in detroit. a great cause that links reading volunteers to young children to give detroit kids an academic fighting chance. not much commitment is required, and if i were back home id be checking it out. hopefully other cities have these kinds of programs.

and my usual ending to these things, some good new yorker articles:
-brief article about fox news and other cable news channels and peoples faith in reporting.
-brief article about glenn beck.
-brief article about architect jean nouvel. enough to get you interested, not enough to bore.
-brief article with a partial history of the fight for u.s. health care (back to the 1910s) and commentary relating the struggle to today.
-brief article about china and how they are our mirror opposite on spending. americans spend, spend, spend while the chinese save, save, save.
-brief article about a restaurant owner who brings the tastes of cincinnati (chili on spaghetti) to new york city. actually makes me want to stop in ohio.

-short article about u.s. predator drone targeted killings. didnt think our peace prize winning leader would still be authorizing this...(its continued from the bush administration).
-short article on the new "dis"information era of the internet and the ease with which people with extreme views can be connected with others like them, fueling the fear/skepticism/conspiracies instead of dispelling them.
-short article on famous LA food critic jonathan gold. second to actually eating and writing about good food yourself is reading about the people who get to do it for their job. good article.
-short article on how u.s. health care reform could learn from the agricultural reform history of pilot programs and evidence-based changes to the system. well researched and interesting.

-in-depth article about south african running phenom caster semenya. she runs races and lives as a female but her sex is under heated debate in the athletic world. she has chromosomal and developmental anomalies that blur the lines of "deciding" which sex she is. this debate has ultimately killed her running career, and undoubtedly at least part of her spirit. a thought-provoking article.

plus, pretty celeb pics:

(julia roberts and hubby danny in paris!; james franco and alicia silverstone. havent seen her in so long. lookin good!; tom ford and my mr darcy aka colin firth)


Trav said...

don't want you to panic, but darcy's going gray!

Meg said...

Thanks for mentioning the Reading Corps! My sister is finishing up her second year working with the Minnesota Reading Corps through AmeriCorps, and it's been a really great experience. Now she's going to be a teacher!

I just saw a preview for the Ice Castles remake last night. I *loved* the original, and I just added the new one to my queue. I wish they had it available to watch instantly, it would give me something to do during the endless snow days!