14 January 2010

Gestational nutritionist

had my appointment with the nutritionist today.

it only took a week from my doctor visit (where i got the referral) to the time when i actually had my appointment with the nutritionist. the objective: to discuss why in the hell i might have gained eight pounds in one month...and how to stop it from happening again. the appointment was at the women and childrens hospital (where i will be having monster) which is called the IWK.

the nutritionist was very nice and enthusiastic and gave me her full attention and lots of time. i never felt rushed and had every question and concern discussed and answered. basically, she had plotted my weight gain on a graph that bounded the normal/expected weight gain for someone starting in the "normal BMI" category, pre-pregnancy. my last data point put me at 1-2 pounds outside of the expected gain graph. so, she wasnt overly concerned but thought it was good i came for the appointment to be proactive about changing future patterns.

we mapped out my typical eating day and she said she was pretty satisfied with it. she gave me a few modifications and tips to get more protein or dairy in but otherwise seemed to think my daily regime was good.

her thoughts for why i gained the weight: 1. holiday eating and/or too much deviation from my "normal day" may have occurred in december (and possibly november where i gained 5-6 pounds), or 2. possibly gestational diabetes.

follow-up: if the reason was #1, then it is likely if i simply stay on my good "normal day" eating plan then i can get future visits to fall back to normal and i will get myself back into the "expected" area of the graph again without much effort. if the reason is #2, then things could get a little more dicey.

first, my next doctor visit is when the blood test for gestational diabetes testing takes place (this would occur normally, even if i hadnt gained the weight). so depending on the blood test i will either "pass" or be put in the "suspicious" category. then i would have to do an additional test to better determine the likelihood that i have gestational diabetes.

of course i absolutely frigging hope i do not have gestational diabetes. although it wouldnt be a result of anything ive done or didnt do, it would just suck all around. it would mean a much more vigilant diet in order to keep monsters weight down so that i dont incur the typical complications: increased risk of c-section, baby born with low blood sugar or high insulin levels, baby at higher risk of being obese or diabetic. looking at the list of risk factors for developing gestational diabetes, i dont not find myself in any of the categories, which doesnt rule me out, but man am i crossing my fingers that i just stuffed my face too much and that i dont actually have this condition.

side note: the helpful nutritionist did say that i was now "in the IWK system," so i have even easier access to the doctors and services at the hospital. she can now be my point of referral if i feel (and she feels) it would be a good idea for me to see someone else. for instance, she suggested increasing my daily exercise. i mentioned that i stopped yoga because of my pelvis. she said she can refer me to a physiotherapist in the hospital. i think i will do this.

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