14 January 2010

Franco-american sushi club of canada (FASCC 1)

looks like weve got ourselves a twice monthly sushi club of sorts.

the french colleague of daves who we went to sushi with back in december would like to do sushi dinner with us every once in a while to try different places in town. sounds fine and fun to us. so tonight was an impromptu gathering at shige.

the service was fast and attentive and we had a good experience. matthias (the french colleague) had a huge platter of nigiri pieces (3-4 different kinds, 2 pieces each) and maki rolls (at least 2 different kinds). he is like a bottomless pit for sushi! dave ordered a decent platter as well (2 river eel nigiri pieces, a rainbow roll, and a spicy tuna roll), and i switched things up from my normal routine and ordered a bowl of vegetable soba (buckwheat noodle soup) and got just one maki (sweet potato tempura). i inhaled the soup and enjoyed every bite, although the broth could have been a little less bitter.

(daves sushi platter; my veggie soba with sweet potato roll in the background)

overall, we thought that the rolls were simple but good, however they werent quite as fresh or thoughtfully made as at doraku, our favorite place. some of the rolls that ive come to enjoy warm at doraku were cold here, so its just a preference thing i suppose. and for me, while the wasabi was authentic and spicy, it was also a little too dry.

its a nice tradition we seem to be starting, as matthias seems eager to continue sampling the sushi of the city. this could be fun. plus, he orders some interesting things, so its good to get an eyeful of the possible options for the future, when i can enjoy those treats again. also, randomly at dinner, while eavesdropping on the table of men sitting next to us, we heard that one of their wives was pregnant. she was due at the same time as me. dave and i were amused.

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