08 January 2010

A fellow transplanted preggo

met another pregnant woman in the area from my on-line posting.

she is originally from ontario and her name is amanda. she recently got married. and her husband took a job in halifax as a commercial diver (he repairs structures and boats underwater and sometimes has to clean barnacles off of ships). she stayed in ontario until her job let her go on maternity leave (four months before her due date) and then she moved here in november. she is due in late february, so she will be the first in our group to go.

she moved here for her husbands job and doesnt have any friends except the ones she made from the wives of her husbands colleagues since she arrived. she had horrible early pregnancy nausea and hasnt really enjoyed being pregnant. the shining light for her is the babys movements. so...shes very similar to me in these regards.

she mentioned that prenatal care in ontario included two to three ultrasounds and they gave her the option of finding out the sex. she is having a boy. and she was even able to buy a DVD with the ultrasound images...from the hospital!

anyway, as we are both learning the ropes of life in nova scotia and have few local support people to call upon, perhaps we stand the best chance to hang out after our kids arrive. we shall see.

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