27 January 2010

FASCC 2 - dharma sushi

another addition of our franco-american sushi club of canada (FASCC), but i forgot my camera, grrr.

we chose a downtown place called dharma sushi. it was packed, but with mostly white people. and these werent just any white people, they seemed to be the alternative, artsy type of people...drawn to the hip, zen sounding name of the place? not sure.

anyway, we were seated at the actual sushi bar, which were the only available seats in the place. dave and matthias were intrigued by being able to sit and watch the sushi being made. i on the other hand, wasnt so sure. there was only one sushi chef and he was definitely hard working. he had a system and his hands were flying to create all manner of colorful creations for the packed room. it felt like i was staring at the hands behind the puppet. i think i prefer the mystery of the pretty little rolls that appear at my table to seeing the square chunks of dark red, yellow, white, or peach that my tuna or salmon items start out as.

for dinner i had the same thing i had last time: vegetable soba and a yam tempura roll. the soba was lame. boring noodles and one of the veggies included was typical stump broccoli, not even the asian type of broccoli. minus points. my yam roll was good though. dave got a similar sushi assortment as last time as well and mentioned the eel as being tasty but that everything else was "meh." i guess this is more a place to rub hipster elbows than to get top notch japanese. on to the next place...

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