17 January 2010

Doe a deer and drops of golden sun

good stuff today: a sunny walk outside seeing animals and an evening of celebs and awards and dresses.

upon daves convincing (thanks!), we drove out to the shubenacadie wildlife park. about 40 minutes north of halifax, this was like a mini mini skansen (the outdoor park in sweden we visited). the park was large enough to lay out large spaces for the animals to roam free in, very few animals were in confined caged-in enclosures. being the winter, we werent sure what kind of animals we would see out and alert, but actually with the sun shining and the wind to a minimum there were plenty of animals roaming around. the most active ones we got to enjoy were the: cougars, reindeer, wolves (timber and arctic), bobcat, lynx, snowshoe hare, beavers, and river otters.

the cougars were way cool. they were the first area we came to. one of the pair got up and jumped down from its perch on-high and stalked straight for us. if it was trying to be aggressive it failed miserably because it made the most wimpy little peeping sounds.

(the cougar was also smaller than excepted)

elsewhere in the park, the river otters were hilarious. those guys always look like they are smiling and having the best time playing their days away. they were flipping around in the open water hole of their icy swimming pool when they caught sight of us and bounded over. both of them came together and paused just in front of us. they moved their faces close together and posed for us like they were used to giving tourists camera perfect moments (alas, we did not have the camera ready at this time). they quickly became bored with us however and went back to their playing.

(stupid late afternoon winter lighting. but the river otters were so cute.)

what a nice little park though, a decent walk to get all the way around it and it was a great place to be outside in the sun. there were very few other people in the park with us and the entry was only $5 for the two of us combined. so, very doable.

back at home, dave prepared a pre-golden globes dinner from my recipe pile: turkey, kale, and mushroom pasta. it was quite good, ive been wanting to get some kale in a meal for a while now.

and then came the golden globes. dave found some weird facebook-ustream tv-digg.com live feed for the red carpet pre-show for me to watch but it was just too bizarre. nice try but i miss the nbc or e! broadcasts.

fashion break down: the rain made peoples hair look flat. there were a lot of purple dresses. and most all of the fashion was perfectly pretty. none really stood out as horrid to me, but very few people wowed me. i would have to say that my celeb fav, reese witherspoon, had the most gorgeous look of the night. she was sexy, fresh, sleek, and classy. love her. bummed she and jake are apparently not together, but she always brings her A game after break ups. my julia roberts on the other hand, blissfully in love, looked very dull and boring. a short black dress with a weird necklace, and casual hair. shes still got an electric smile and the 40+ year old mother of three showed off some nice legs...but i was still snoring.

(reese and her lovely sleek dress; julia and her ho hum attire)

award show itself: ricky gervais did a decent job. some embarrassing jokes, some good jokes. cant complain too much. i tended to agree with most of the nights winners, with a special shout out to the dexter crew wins: john lithgow was fabulous and michael c hall...you totally deserved it. i totally think the "best film: musical/comedy" category should just be dropped. it turns into some kind of third class citizen pat on the back to movies that dont get respected at the oscars. during years when comedy actually deserves the respect, the award is still weak, but this year to award it to "the hangover" was just absolutely absurd. the category is now meaningless. and they wasted reese witherspoon to present it! i am beyond appalled. as for speeches, i really enjoyed mo'niques (you go girl! i totally teared up) and even drew barrymores (rambling but very sweet and sincere). i really didnt care for meryl streeps overly long (how did they not play the music on her!?) weepy tangent that seemed to come from someone who wasnt supposed to drink with their medication. nor did i care for robert downey jrs boisterous and somewhat cocky speech.

(big winner michael c hall and his dexter co-star wife. michael is recovering from cancer treatment so he wore a knit cap. get better!)

and i could go on im sure, but i will spare those of you who actually made it to the end of this and say that i still love watching this stuff. im really not sure what it would take for me to quit tuning in because its the faces, the fashion, the movies(!), and the speeches that all work together. if one or two elements are off, i can still enjoy myself. anyway, thats all folks.

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