12 January 2010

Car safety on a day of disasters

ironic to pick our car up from its safety inspection on a day when the disasters came in three.

thankfully the local mechanic could get us in quickly for the safety inspection we needed (see earlier entry when we got the license plate). i picked it up after work today. we didnt end up needing daytime running lights installed or anything specific for canada but we did need new brake pads and rotors which wasnt cheap, but as a basic car upkeep item its fine.

(official sticker that says we passed safety inspection. good for two years.)

the mechanic chatted with me while ringing up my bill. he mentioned a local fire that had happened earlier in the morning. i said i had heard about it but hadnt looked up any news about it. he quickly turned his computer monitor around and showed me a picture. he and his wife had been the building managers some years back and he had been a cook in the restaurant that the apartment was attached to. he seemed to have fond memories.

back at home i looked up some news about the fire. it was two blocks from our apartment and started sometime in the early morning. it seems everyone got out safely. either the fire or the fire department took our power out for about 30 minutes but other than that we werent affected. the affected apartment was attached to several linked restaurants, which are all now out of commission for a while.

while i was looking for the fire information, i saw some news about a large water main break that also happened a couple blocks from our apartment (in the opposite direction as the fire). one heck of an icy mess.

and then of course there was the serious, serious disaster in haiti. the two local "disasters" arent so important when you compare it to such massive devastation. it kind of makes me glad we dont have a tv to watch all the streaming news stories about it. when i had to see hurricane katrina images every day it was just so abysmally sad. i am happy and proud to see that halifax sent two boats of aid down to the island. they have a history of being helped out in a disaster, so its nice to see them extending the kindness and responding so quickly.

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Mary Ann said...

I believe that the death toll in Haiti could eventually match that of the 2004 tsunami. Incredible. Whoever thought of the texting donations idea should get a Nobel prize. Just the 90999 one alone has raised over $10,000,000.