16 January 2010

Candlepin bowling, you light up my life

had several successes today in the realms of shopping, eating, and fun.

first, we headed to shoppers alley and hit up the shoe company (like the canadian version of dsw). i needed to see if they would exchange or repair my flowery rain boots purchased at the end of september that already had a leaky gaping hole in them! not cool. i brought them and the receipt back, unsure of whether there was anything they could do, or would do. out of sheer luck they still had my boot style and size available. to my surprise not only did they say i could take a new pair home but they also gave me a price adjustment because the boots were now on sale and i still had my receipt...from 5 months ago! win! good company.

next stop. zellers. they were having a "baby event" and, as luck would have it, our desired car seat was on sale. $150 for the first years "true fit" car seat of our dreams. lol. it is kinda cool though, and now we have one of the important baby items checked off the list.

now it was time for food. dave had read reviews for a little middle eastern place in a strip mall on our route. it was tricky to find, but we were finally able to sit down at issas saj house. their specialty is "ma'noosh" which are middle eastern flat breads. some varieties of them mentioned being filled with yogurt and/or honey. yum! sounds like a version of a crêpe to me. however, we chose to do our litmus test on the place and order our standard falafel and hummus to see how they measured up to other places. daves falafel platter was great, everything on his plate was better than expected and happily finished off. my falafel sandwich was large and tasty. everything on their menu was cheap too. and our dessert of baklava and a date square were great. we felt it was pretty authentic because we were the only anglos in the place, and we kinda like it when that happens. we feel that our tastebuds are vindicated. :) we shall be back.

fueled by falafel, we made our final afternoon stop. the local candlepin bowling alley. dave had recently found this place on-line and we were excited to try it out. we have fond memories of playing with friends while on a trip to boston a few years ago but that place has since closed down. :(

candlepin bowling is a game i am much better suited to than regular bowling. i have always had a hard time finding a light enough ball that could also fit my weird fat thumbs, and with candlepin bowling you get to avoid all that nonsense (and filth. if you ask me its gross to stick your finger into dark holes that other strangers touch several times a day). anyway, in candlepin you still have ten bowling pins, but the balls are small and wooden and fit in the palm of your hand. you throw them down the alley the same way, but you get three attempts per frame (instead of two) and you dont clean up the pins after each throw. you only clear and reset the lane after you finish a frame. makes for an exciting game with pins lying down in the playing field.

(love this pic of dave. looks like a scene from a movie. why is he making that face?; the only approved bowling pic of me. i have no idea what im doing but its blurry enough that you cant see how fat my ass is; dave being a kingpin)

anyway, we played three games...i beat dave every time. :) i consoled him by saying that monster helped me. although, i really dont think thats the case. i forgot that you stop your motion rather abruptly at the end of the lane...so my pelvis ended up being more sore than usual afterward. and i couldnt help but wonder what monster thought i was doing. to stop forward motion and throw the ball you end up flexing your abs (something i havent dont much of lately) and also the weird bowling alley noises must have sounded funny in utero.

(scorecard. our scores are abysmal, but i still won! and yes, i realize how easy it is to make fun of our nicknames on the scorecard.)


Mary Ann said...

Dave in a scene from a movie? You mean Big Lebowski? Also, if you think your petite little derriere is a fat ass, you need to come home and stroll around Great Lakes Crossing for a bit. Now THOSE are some fat asses!

Georgette said...

hmmm, smelly nib? super smelly? what has he been doing, and has all that hair on his face prevented him from having a good shower? :)