28 January 2010

Belly bonding

back-to-back prenatal days.

first up was a gathering at the local coffee shop uncommon grounds last night. the coffee shop is nice and spacious and has a large area with comfy leather chairs. perfect for pregnant people. there were eight of us who showed up so it was quite a group. we were calm and quiet but there was lots of conversation involving baby planning, body discomfort, advice, and thoughts on different topics. most notably for me, it seems almost everyone in the group had gone or is going to the UC baby clinic in town to pay to find out the sex of their baby. interesting. and weird, all of them who know their babys sex are having boys!! there must be something in the water.

and tonights prenatal gathering was again at that baby store called nurtured. they had a workshop on "depression and childbirth." among others, myself and four of our group attended. i dont currently have depression, nor did i really have it before, but not having social support/networks is a risk factor for post-partum depression so i wanted to cover my bases.

the woman who led the workshop was the least helpful to me. she was depressed before getting pregnant and dealt with it before getting pregnant. she did reach out and ask for help after the birth of her first child, but in general, she didnt share anything overly specific or helpful for pregnancy or post partum depression. plus, her depression solutions were a little self-help book new age-y for me. but, there were two other moms there who had had post partum depression and they felt comfortable enough to speak up after the lead woman. their experiences and advice were most helpful, although i really just hope to avoid that whole situation all together.

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