09 January 2010

Bedford baby go-round

tooled around bedford again today and without planning it, we went found several baby stores.

fueled by the promise of baked goods we went back to bedford. after a generic lunch we headed up to the counter at the gleneagle bakery. we picked out several goodies to eat throughout the day (lets be honest, this stuff just doesnt keep. what you buy today, you must eat). among the winners were the date smile cookie and the nanaimo bar. we had never seen a nanaimo bar before and we wont be forgetting it! apparently it too is an original canadian recipe/treat (along with the butter tart). chocolate crumble crust on the bottom, vanilla custardy filling in the middle, and a topping of fudge-like melted chocolate. win! seems simple enough but i would never attempt to make this at home, unless i wanted to continue on my weight gaining path.

after the sugar shock, we headed in to the large, original petes frootique grocery store to get some meat for future dinners. here is a major beef (pun intended) i have with canada so far: these people seem overly obsessed with red meat, game, and seafood to the point of excluding the "healthier" white meats. i cant tell you the number of times in a week we cant find chicken, and the noises i make at the grocery store when we see turkey are borderline mental. if you want beef cut a million different ways, step right up. veal and lamb to your heart attacks content. and pork, i think ive seen just about every variation of pork offered to the human race. but chicken...this is a rare commodity.

the lobster season is even experiencing a weird situation. the recession is harming luxury items, and lobster is a luxury item. the demand has gone so low that lobster is now cheaper than chicken here (about $5/pound for lobster vs. about $8/pound for organic chicken). lobsters are sold on road sides to cut the middle man costs from the profit of the lobster fishermen.

ah, anyway, i digress. we nabbed some chicken stir fry pieces, spicy pork sausage, and beef roulades. mmm. meat.

the rest of the afternoon was spent in baby stores. near petes was the uncommon kids store. nothing there was reasonably priced, though we werent surprised. i did get to play a round of my favorite game, "look at this and tell me how much do you think it costs to buy?" some stupid baby room freshener of essential oils (a small bottle that you add vinegar and water to) came to...$45! nice try.

then we got in the car to find some pet store dave was interested in and accidentally found the royal diaperer. cool store. three stories of baby/kid stuff, with the top floor being basically all newborn needs stuff. a helpful sales lady got me jazzed about a car seat and stroller. i think we are leaning toward the:

1. first years true fit car seat because it is reasonably priced, rates highest in safety, has a well thought out design, and can be used from birth until the kid is 65 pounds. canada has more strict child/infant car seat regulations than the u.s. so pretty much anything on the market here is held to a pretty high standard (there is an interesting government site dave found where they show videos of the car seat testings. scary.). my aunt used to be certified in car seat safety and had mentioned britax as another highly reputable, top safety brand, but the lady at the store noted that even though they say their seats can go from 5 lbs-40, 50, 65+ lbs, many people find that their newborn isnt tall enough to fit well in the shoulder area of the seat until they are a few weeks/months older. no thanks.

(the "first years true fit car seat." the top headrest is removable and is for when the kid is older and the lighter grey piece is an adapter of sorts for the newborn which is removed when outgrown.)

2. urban mountain buggy stroller because it is well designed, steers like a dream, has an adjustable handle area to suit short and tall stroller pushers, and can take the kid from newborn to 75 lbs. they are made in new zealand (win!) and seem really functional, versatile, and maneuverable while also collapsing easily and not being super heavy. there are some used ones out there and there are some older year models you can still buy new that are cheaper, so its a feasible option for us. since the car seat will stay put in the car, we arent looking to get a stroller that snaps a car seat into it.

(urban mountain buggy. love this color but i doubt we can find it. we like the minimal, three wheel design and the little storage bucket under the chair.)

so, we got some good help and advice and left with one small purchase. a sleepsack. ive been wanting at least one of these since i babysat the twins in france. their mom was british and i guess they use them regularly in england. they are highly recommended because they help in reducing the risk of SIDS. they are really cute too. we found a rad orange one.

(the pumpkin sleep sack we bought. 0-6 month size. cotton = good for warmer sleeping weather)

and lastly, we did locate the fancy pet store so dave could embark on spoiling nutmeg. the pet store happened to be right next to...a baby store. i had to go in, though i was a little worn out by this point. turns out "the bump, baby, and beyond" is also not my style...or my price range. so farts to them anyway.

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