30 December 2009

Wrapping up our visit

our last two days in michigan were not less busy but we definitely felt the visit coming to a close.

tuesday we woke up a little tired from the previous long and busy (but fun!) day in ann arbor. we putzed around the house in pjs before we grabbed sandwiches at the brioni cafe, which is right near daves parents house, and hit the road for ann arbor again.

we were able to have a very brief stop at a grad school friends house to see her, her husband, and her 2.5 year old daughter. as with every visit this week, it was too short, but it was great to at least steal a little time with them.

after hitting up plum market for some pre-dinner snacks, we headed to livonia to see daves childhood friend paul, his wife, and their 8 month old daughter. we had a taco dinner with them while the baby was sleeping and then she woke up to watch the adults act like fools with the wii balance board. good fun, too bad we dont have a tv in canada and our wii is in storage. :( it was nice to hang out with them and chat about new parenthood. carla (the wife) had a natural child birth, so she was telling me about it, including the shocking mention that a friend who was pregnant at the same time actually got mad and told her she was crazy for wanting to do it naturally. what is wrong with that picture? to each his own i guess. anyway, it was great to find time to see them.

(me trying to make my character fly. i sucked. i blame it on monster. i ended up getting frustrated and quitting; dave attempting to dance; me and baby lily)

and wednesday. our last day in michigan. we headed to davison, mi to visit another childhood friend of daves. he has two little ones and we hadnt seen him in a very long time. we got to see his 5 year old daughter (who we had last seen when she was one month old!) and play with all her christmas toys. hopefully we wont be such strangers in the future.

lastly, we packed all our baby goodies and canada-bound items, loaded the car, and headed to our final locale. my friend phil was coming home from a business trip and was nice enough to let us stay at his place for the night, and would also drive us to sarnia in the morning. when we picked him up at the airport, we headed to his place for a dinner with his new girl friend and his parents. ive known his parents for something like 12 years, so its always great to see them.

we had another taco dinner (hey, i cant complain, mexican food is what i love) which was good for producing a lively table. as usual the evening went too fast, but it was almost welcome because by this point we were exhausted. i cant fairly figure out how to modify our schedule but i know that a visit like that in the future, with monster, will just not be possible. we'll just have to hope for a job for dave in the u.s. so that visits back to michigan can be more frequent and then we can see a few people every time. dare to dream...

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