21 December 2009

Soup and snow

staying in on a sunday to eat warm soup while buckets of snow fall is the best thing i can think of about winter.

while waiting for the snowstorm that hit the u.s. east coast to arrive, we did some shopping on sunday morning. among the items purchased were the ingredients for the chicken and dumplings recipe dave was making for dinner. so exciting (ive been asking for this meal for weeks).

we got back and unloaded and dave re-read his recipe and got to work (his recipe is from the september 2009 cooks illustrated magazine, cant find the damn thing to post here without signing on from a subscription). the whole process took about 2.5-3 hours, with several breaks in between. at some point during the cook time, the snow started falling!

(view of the street in front of our apartment about an hour after the snow started)

while dave was filling the apartment with the delicious scent of soup, i was embarking on a new way to waste huge amounts of time. i just found out about it and im so glad it wasnt around when i was in college. the site is called "Stumble Upon" and the idea is to "help you discover the best of the web faster." holy crap, dont go there unless you have hours of time to lose. very addictive, and ive already found some way cool stuff, customized to my interests.

anyway, as the soup neared completion i pulled myself away from the computer to prepare for the arrival of the german phd student who had housed dave when he first came to visit halifax back in february 2008. we hadnt found a good time until now to have sophie over and she was willing to trek over in the snow. i think it was worth it to taste daves completely-from-scratch soup though. a yummy yummy yummy meal in a cozy apartment with beautiful snow falling outside while hosting a visitor. nice, very nice.

(dave prepping the chicken thighs; the browned thighs, before the actual soup liquid gets created; le soup!)

and the leftovers continued for another 24 hours. yay!

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