19 December 2009

Random day of discovery

we had some free time before daves afternoon ultimate game, so we headed to the nearby bedford area today.

we had not yet visited this northern halifax suburb but were glad to make the trip today. upon mapping our route, i found that the granite brewery was directly on our way. this typically means i force dave into pulling over and trying/buying beer, and thats what i did. no one was in the store and when you walk in you are standing directly at the counter. there are no taps and therefore nothing to taste. you simply have to buy a growler and booze it up at home. the brewpub once had a home on barrington st, but left for toronto. it recently came back to halifax, in this incarnation that only supplies their beer to a few bars around town. dave had only tried one or two of their beers before and wasnt in love, so he went for something new to him, the best bitter special (it turned out not to be very enjoyable...look for daves new beer blog to launch in 2010). :)

anywho, enough about beer, we continued north to drive along the bedford basin and got to admire all the sunshine and new scenery. our original destination on this road was the sister restaurant to the persian place we had recently tried...but it was closed, out-of-business. :( not to worry, there was a delightful replacement just up the street. chickenburger!!

this place has apparently been a staple in bedford since 1940. a drive-in during the warm weather months, its fast food with kitsch. but its not crap fast food, i dont think it coulda stuck around this long if that was the case. it has a niche something like in-n-out burger. they have hamburgers and hot dogs, but of course, we went with the namesake and ordered chickenburgers. i got mine with cheese and dave ordered his with cranberry sauce (this was one of the standard topping options, win!). with fries, our total bill came to $9.78 (with tax).

the burgers were compact (about the size of a slider), but dense. the meat was not pressed, congealed chicken bits, it was real, fresh chicken meat! it musta been slow roasted until it literally fell off the bones. it reminded me of the fabulous post-turkey-day sandwiches you get to make from your homemade bird. yummy yummy lunch. apparently there is one going in near our apartment (after all these years?), but i am glad we hit up the original locale.

(view from the chickenburger parking lot; daves chickenburger with cranberry sauce)

bellies full, we set off to locate the famed "guy's frenchys" used clothing store. apparently this place has been a mecca of the maritimes since the 1970s. the not-so-coherent story goes that the stores clothes come from the u.s. but that importing used clothes usually comes with a not-so-negligible import tax. however, there is a loophole, which frenchys has exploited. if you bundle the used clothes into something like the shape and size of a bale of hay, somehow it escapes the importation tax. thus...cheap. ass. clothes.

we went to the sackville store (just north of bedford) which admittedly is likely to be picked over by students and the kids/families of the halifax suburbs, but still, there was much to see and touch. the place is just an open space with large bins full of clothes. signs hang from the ceiling to tell you where to start digging. my goal was some cheap maternity clothes, but that section was a depressing lump of fat-looking 1980s wear. no go. so, i went to the regular pants and shirt bins to look for something with potential. i must say that i found at least 30% of the items i picked up were brand name stuff (gap, talbots, banana republic, etc) and most of it was in really impressive condition. i went to the dressing room with a stack of things, but ended up only finding a pair of fleece pants that would fit on my new fat ass.

i took my purchase up to the counter and was excited to see the price...$2.50 (with tax). score! the most expensive things on the list were hilarious: wedding dresses ($50-25), full suits ($14), evening gowns ($9), and then everything went downhill from there. i guess it used to be one of those "best kept secrets" (my boss and daves boss both came out of the woodwork to profess love for this place) but with local books being written and a new yorker article shedding some added fame on the place, its become a little picked-over. but i bet if we went to one of the other locations, further from the halifax epicentre, we'd find plenty of awesome stuff. and they have kids clothes too!

speaking of kids clothes...frightening. we next drove back into bedford to start the journey home and stopped at the zellers (a wanna-be Target) to attempt to locate a mukmuk onesie. and we did. and we bought it. one of the few $12 clothing items i will ever buy for a newborn to vomit on. enjoy it while it lasts monster! and thus, we have begun the baby stockpiling. weird.

(me, monster, and the mukmuk onesie...its not so tiny...im not afraid of the little person who will inhabit it)

our next goal was to find the tasty bakery that was supposed to be somewhere across the street. alas, there was a freak power outage (no wind and tons of sunshine!) that took out the tiny block where the bakery was located and the major stoplight in front was also out which made for a great clusterf#%k. boo. :( another time.

now we were really on the way home, but found time to stop into a halifax bakery id wanted to try (as my second choice). the girls working there were really nice and helped overexcite me about the prospect of holiday sweets. and so we left with a $14 box of sugar! some of the things were good and some were just "eh." im still reserving full excitement for the bedford bakery i had wanted.

phew! and that was how we spent saturday from 11a-2p.

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Trav said...

I have very fond memories of Zellers, you poop. I do love the MukMuk, though. Vomit away, monster! You've got style!