18 December 2009

No rust for the hungry

a boring necessity turned into a delightful friday morning.

so, we took the car in to get a rust proof coating sprayed on for the winter. they salt the roads just as much here as they do in michigan, plus the year-round salty sea air is pretty damaging. while i was getting my blood drawn recently, the dude poking me somehow got on the topic and recommended we get it done. he said "have you noticed how many new cars there are in town? its not typical to see cars from the 1990s around here, because theyve basically all corroded away." sweet, our car already has rust, so we definitely wanted to protect our vehicle. when we called in november today was the earliest appointment we could get...i guess its a popular thing to have done around here. anyway, this morning we dropped it at the local krown shop.

lucky for us, the shop is right down the street from the coastal cafe. since the rustproofing only takes an hour, it was the perfect time to grab a tasty breakfast on the north end of town. i ordered the eggs lorraine which were huge and hearty and filling (if a little salty, damn canadian ham) and dave got the gorgeous and mouthwatering "apples, jack." a stacked tower of warm baked apple halves sitting on a bed of cinnamon yogurt drizzled with granola and honey. friggin awesome.

(daves fab breakfast. you can see my frittata in the background, topped with potatoes, drizzled with creamy mustard)

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