11 December 2009

Nessie news - 19 weeks

19 weeks...almost halfway done. well, kinda, except that for the first two weeks of the count you arent actually pregnant, and the next two weeks you dont know that youre pregnant. so...im actually not really halfway through the conscious part...but getting there (thatll be 22 weeks).

(le bump)

doc appt update: i gained 5-6 lbs (the suggested gain should be about 4 lbs. statistically, i havent gone off the deep end, but it made me promptly set a goal of trying to gain less than 50 lbs during this adventure). i had normal pee and blood pressure. baby heartbeat was 150 bpm. the doctor had to chase monster all around to try and get a few seconds in a row to count the beats. the blood work for my maternal serum test came back negative, so that is good. i told the doctor about my sore pelvis. she said it could get worse and be quite painful, there is nothing to do to help it but to take tylenol when painful. sweet. also got my seasonal flu shot.

symptoms update:
1. i overheat, regularly...and sweat in bucket loads. this must be what the spin doctors call that gorgeous 'pregnancy glow.' yeah, nice way to compliment the raging blob of hormones cuz you dont wanna anger or insult the sleeping giant. stop staring at my wet armpits! im SO lucky/glad that i only have the coolest months to be pregnant. summer and fall babies are cruel!

2. i had a small bump before, but then there was this period of 2-3 days where it went crazy and now BAM! theres a solid mass blocking my ability to easily get my socks on and off. my pants, even with the bella band are now getting shockingly tight. im on the move to buy a pair of real maternity pants soon as i cant live in these yoga pants alone for 4-5 more months. also, the belly button is getting pushed further...

3. i suppose i can now say i can feel monster moving around. though, its still in the highly sporadic and quizzical stage. what was that? gas, a muscle twitch, an itch? im fine waiting to declare definite kicks/headbutts until a later stage.

4. compared to other stages, i have more energy now. i have returned to at/near my previous rate of speedy walking and feel a sense of accomplishment when i pass people on the sidewalk. this phase will be short lived i realize, so im enjoying it while i can.

5. i have a constantly sore pelvis area (occasionally joined by sore hip(s) and/or sore back). it would appear that i have "symphysis pubis dysfunction." so far ive been able to figure out how to keep the pain at a low level. its always there, but unless i aggravate it, im not suffering too much. i havent taken any meds or anything.

6. falling asleep has been getting trickier. i have fidgety legs, a sore pelvis that requires attention when i am flopping back and forth from one side to the other, and while laying on my side, i am starting to need to prop something under my belly so gravity does drag me out of alignment too much.

7. my fingernails, toenails, and hair are growing like mad! and its not getting any easier to bend down and clip my toenails...this could get interesting.

8. food. no new aversions. my hungriest time is between 1p and 6p. popcorn is a nighttime ritual. i would say i have dave make it for me (stove top style...a la miss julie) about 90% of nights.

9. only one baby dream in the last month: i was pregnant in france, preparing for birth. dave was not around. i ended up having a short labor, which i spent in two different hospitals. the hospital staff were totally aloof. i had a healthy baby girl and was quickly discharged from the hospital. then i was with family and friends in europe (belgium i think). we went out with them for the day (dave was now with me in the dream) while baby stayed behind (getting babysat by someone? gooood parenting skills). at night, we were all staying in some kind of dorm/hostel. i noticed the baby (who was without a diaper) was warm and had hives. my mom picked her up and she started to pee...a LOT. the pee was full of tiny noodles. then i noticed something that looked like a tiny metal arrow poking out from the babys neck, then it went back in. a parasite infection, clearly!! at this point i became frightened and was determined to find a doctor. i found the hostels doctor was available. when i described what i had seen he knew what i was talking about and he said the infection would go away by itself. (i started to wake up from the dream at this point.) i remember i looked at the babys birth certificate in my dream, but i couldnt remember her name when i woke up. i also remember hearing that other people i knew had had their baby on the same day. so, another random and disturbing dream. parenting skills in these dreams leave MUCH to be desired...

miscellaneous notes:
1. i called the midwife coalition and got on the waitlist for a midwife. it seems like an unlikely possibility, but im on the list none the less.

2. we (or i guess it was just me) have dropped the moniker nessie vancouver and simply refer to the baby as "monster." i wonder what strangers would do/say if we slipped and used the name in public.

3. as mentioned in the baby registry entry, we havent really gotten in to the whole baby shopping thing. however, we seem to have mustered some interest in at least clothes. dave found two items on-line that are super adorable and will be worn by monster at some point:

(a vancouver 2010 onesie with mukmuk. super pissed that this was sold both in-stores and on a canadian company website...and now appears to be discontinued. its still on ebay, but now im gonna go back to the store we saw them in and GET one now!; a hoodie from phishs band gear website. plus, with the cute sushi icon, its a must in daves book.)

4. as with pretty much everything, i like to know "why" rather than just being told that something "is" or "isnt." and the "pregnancy food taboo" list was no exception. my doctor never specifically handed me a list, so i was looking around the internet (at the beginning of the pregnancy, not just recently). depending on the detail of the list you get/find you may be freaked out at first. no soft cheese, no sushi, no lunch meat, no mayonnaise, no coffee. when you dont know why, you can get nervous at every meal that you might be eating poison for your baby. but with education, you can remove/lower the fear.

most things are listed for warning purposes so you can make an educated decision. many listed items have the potential to be contaminated with harmful bacteria. things that come from packing plants, raw animal items, and even veggies have been typical items that we see get "recalled" in the news due to the possibility of food-borne illness. a regular person who eats these items might vomit and have diarrhea for 1-2 days. with a pregnant woman, you are involving the baby in the food poisoning, which can lead to issues that are sometimes serious.

when you think about it though, every part of life has a risk to a pregnancy. where you work (exposures to chemicals/asbestos/toner cartridge droplets, who knows), your commute to work (each type and length of commute comes with risk of traffic accidents), where you live (environmental pollutants), household chores (chemical exposures), medications you take, to be vaccinated or not (each choice has its own risks). its about what you want to do to your quality of life in order to bring a child into this world. hopefully you then also realize that your actions have consequences, but you will at least be making choices that are best for you. i dont think many women seal themselves up in a bubble for 9 months, although im not sure that would really guarantee you certain safety (what type of bubble? glass or plastic? if plastic, is it BPA-free? what kind of air ventilation system does it have?...).

so back to food. for soft cheeses, concern is related to pasteurization but you can find goat cheese made with pasteurized milk or other soft cheeses that arent imported and would be more likely to be made from pasteurized milk. for lunch meat, concern is due to high rates of listeria infection outbreaks because of packaging issues at meat packing plants. but if you heat the meat up and kill potential bacteria, you can still enjoy sandwiches. or get the meat sliced fresh from a meat counter selling meats that are locally made. for fish, they come in safety categories. the predatory guys with loads of mercury stores are no-nos. the other species are graded with suggestions about how frequently you should eat them. ive seen people on forums saying "japanese women eat sushi all the time and have healthy pregnancies, so i ate sushi every week." i mean, go for it if thats how you feel and you are confident your favorite restaurant is getting the freshest fish and is preparing it appropriately. anyway, sorry to ramble, its just one instance from these pregnancy forums where i find it best to be informed rather than just scared that everything you do could be hurting the baby.

celebrity corner:
1. WNBA star lisa leslie is due in may with her second child. not terribly exciting, but at least its something.

2. salma hayek and her daughter were spotted in rennes. they were in town to support the rennes soccer team. apparently her husband is part owner. wasnt aware of that before. i told dave about it and he paused to contemplate the possibility of having run into her on the streets of rennes. i had to clean up his puddle of drool afterward. its kinda cute, shes his one celebrity crush. good choice.

3. we broke down and started watching the current season of dexter. i had wanted to wait until it was finished so that when we started it, we could watch it all the way through without getting stuck waiting for new episodes in real time. alas, no. anyway, dexter had a son. his name is harrison. cute.

- "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy
hilarious. buy it when you find out youre pregnant. its a small book so you can read it many times and feel united in comedic pregnancy pain. every woman is different of course, but several of her scenarios/situations were EXACTLY what happened to me or how i felt. therapeutic. even if you are modest and dont wanna talk about bodily functions or "icky" stuff perhaps reading this and being able to blush in your own home will be of comfort to you. i was lucky enough to find this little book tucked in my mailbox one day, a delightful surprise sent by my friend sarah (thanks!). i flew through half the book in an hour.

- "Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn"
this book is total shit for the "pregnancy" sections. skip past those to chapter 6, this is where the book gets useful and presents childbirth information i hadnt gotten yet from other books or websites. it was pretty detailed and descriptive with not just words, but pictures and diagrams/graphs for different stretches, techniques, breathing patterns, etc. it felt like they were trying to take the medicalization out of the process. there was a lot of information on what to expect and also information on things to consider before and during labor. where appropriate, there were even suggestions for ways you can take charge and try and change the course of labor and/or medical interventions. instead of letting a doctor lead you to your baby, there were many things offered (that were rational and safe, not "hippy" or "bizarre" things) that you could try to do to: start or speed up labor, get the baby in a better position for birth, or protect yourself from tearing during the pushing phase. nice and empowering information to help you not feel like a useless victim having something done to you while taking some of the mystery and fear out of the hospital setting.

- new yorker article summarizing recent trends in childrens picture books. it highlighted the changing "acceptable" behaviors for children in current books compared to past favorites: the mischief makers, spoiled brats, and the parental interventions of these behaviors, etc. seems like things have changed since my time.


nlk731 said...

Holy bump batman! Unsurprisingly you're a freakin' adorable pregnant woman. Can't wait to see you in just 10 days!!

Georgette said...

Adorable bump! Now, if we could just see your face...

Jody said...

hooray for the new pic! I can't wait to see you in real life soon! And I promise not to be creepy and rub your belly.

Kailee said...

Don't worry about those baby toys!!! Naya and I will be taking care of that for you :)
See You SOon!!!

Billiam said...

Just re-read this post since I'll be 19 weeks in a couple days. Symptoms #1-4 and 6 are true for me, too! Only differences are that the overheating is particularly annoying (and only going to get worse) b/c it's summer in Virginia (ugh), and am starting to differentiate kicks from gas, but the kicks are still erratic/infrequent -- maybe a few a day. I'll get you a bump picture one of these days ... :)