23 December 2009

I dont wanna eat what the rock bottom is cooking

our last social activity of 2009 in halifax was spent at the rock bottom brewery.

the ultimate frisbee people dave and i had hung out with before were gathering for a holiday hangout at the rock bottom brewery. there ended up being about 12 people there at a nice long table so that everyone could be seen and heard. pitchers of beer and food were passed around in the nicely decorated mans den. but, while the atmosphere was welcoming, the food was less than impressive.

i ordered the raved about (from some ratings/reviews i had read) avocado turkey burger with sweet potato fries. nothing else on the menu looked that enticing anyway, but the burger didnt get the job done either. first, it came slathered in the onions i had requested not to be included, but they willingly remade my sandwich. my second-try burger was pretty bland and the avocados werent ripe. my opinion: if you have an item featured in the name of the meal, then please, try and serve it fresh and ripe. i hate when avocados taste like grass-flavored rocks. oh, and the sweet potato fries that came with the sandwich were limp and unseasoned. and their dipping sauce was lame.

thankfully, the people we were with were friendly and there was a varied amount of conversation. i also started my quest for restaurant/food advice and found a suggestion for the "press gang" to be of only moderate use since it is way upscale and expensive for our tastes and wallet ($30 to $40 for main dishes). "the carlton" was also suggested as a good place for drinks, but a place that is only recommended for the booze doesnt get me too excited...especially right now. and one of the guys at the table works at the restaurant "gio" and wholeheartedly plugged that place. although, it too is a bit high brow for my liking ($20-30 entrees), but id be willing to try a few of their desserts (the "éh" and "half baked" look DElish).

we also managed to make them laugh by mentioning our recent brush with a place in town called "maxwells plum." we had seen it several times and i kept suggesting it to dave because it said "60 beers on tap." we stumbled in there from an icy winter walk one night recently and barely stayed for the one beer dave ordered. his drink was urine and the place reeked like beer had been soaking into the floor for a hundred years. couple that with the fact that there were mostly men in the place, and i felt like i was at a fraternity party, or at least scorekeepers in ann arbor. the frisbee people also added that the food menu there is also notoriously foul and inedible.

ah, good times. anyway, the people were nice, the atmosphere was good, and dave said the beer was decent, so it was a pretty good ending to december in halifax.

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