13 December 2009

Culinary car ride

we're on a roll! i couldnt help but use sunday for another food adventure. (weight gain...i laugh in your face...)

this time we went north and stopped in wolfville for lunch. we had been here before as well, but chose a different place to eat. we had brunch at the fancy mansion in town, the blomidon inn. done up in victorian christmas decorations, the place was definitely a grandmothers wet dream, but actually the ambiance wasnt forced and we didnt feel out of place. plus, the food was reasonably priced and delicious. i ordered the brunch feature: cranberry juice, waffle with wild blueberry sauce and maple syrup, side of crisp bacon, and hot peppermint tea ($10.95). dave ordered the fresh turkey sandwich with side of apple-cranberry compote and soup of the day, which was squash and peach soup ($9.95). i swapped my bacon for daves soup. it was weird to have peaches in soup but it was pretty good, wouldnt be able to eat more than a small cup of it in one sitting though. overall we had a nice, pleasant, tasty meal that leaves me curious to come back for dinner (the vegetable wellington or chicken marquis caught my eye).

(the blomidon inn; daves pretty lunch. he was really jazzed about the pickle and homemade bread.)

after brunch, i had a loop drive in mind. we headed west through the town of new minas. strip mall hell. the shopping district for the entire annapolis valley, eh. we couldnt drive through there fast enough. next was the town of kentville. they had some beautiful old stone buildings and several steep hills but the majority of the town looked a little sad and perhaps hit fairly recently by hard times. bummer.

from here, we headed a little bit north and then back east through farmland. our destination was the fox hill creamery. a sixth generation family farm, the current owner expanded his farm beyond simple milk production to create on-site gourmet cheeses, yogurt, and gelato. its an ambitious place and theyve got reason to be proud. they make some good stuff. we split a small scoop of peppermint gelato and purchased one of their more unusual products to take home. quark. we bought the dill variety. quark is apparently a common european spread (though we never encountered it). its something between cottage cheese and cream cheese. it is smooth and flavorful but with less salt and fat than cream cheese. tasty.

once back in the car, we took a short drive in the countryside before arriving in the tiny village of port williams. they have a local brewery i thought dave might want to try. the port pub is a newly constructed red building bordering an inlet to the bay of fundy. the inside is beautifully decorated and they have some fabulous windows for a nice view of the surrounding area. that being said, their beer was a bust. dave got a sampler of all the beers they make that were on draught. the winter warmer almost made him gag and most of the rest were mediocre. i ordered a house-brewed berry ginger ale. being nearly tasteless, it was also not impressive. thus the brewery aspect gets a "C-" but the building interior gets an "A." hardly a glowing review worthy of a revisit, but perhaps the food is good...

(dave and the subpar whistle-wetters; the view from our table, the low afternoon winter sun was making the dried grass along the meandering inlet shine. the water was moving at a pretty fast clip taking some ice chunks out to the bay of fundy.)

after the drinks, we completed the loop back through wolfville to get on the highway home. we did a lot of driving and social eating in the last few days. i think we will moderate ourselves a little better in the future, but it was nice to feel kinda busy and tired for once.

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